Folklore for the season of Winter

Posted By: undercover921  Posted On: Aug 27th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

High cobwebs are around about for the pass 2 weeks but yet that thick. Also 2 wooly worms, but could be same one if he or she can more that fast in 2 days. LOL….


Fog mornings not that many just about 4 so far… but end of Aug. coming fast.



  1. pearlss says:

    Like you high cobwebs (and very persistent spiders!), very thick and loads of them all over the place.  One 1 wooly worm so far, but it wasn’t black or orange or stripped – just a very dark brown.  A lot of thin foggy mornings and several “pea soup” type mornings. The mice are already trying to make a home of my hydrangea bush. 

  2. snowlover says:

    Where do you live Undercover921?  I think that most of the signs will show themselves in September & October.  Here in Virginia we have had thus far about 14 thin foggy mornings with about 4 or 5 thicker foggy mornings.  That seems promising.  Can’t wait to see what the animal fur/squirrels bushy tails look like.  Also the acorns.  Will there be an abundance of them or normal amount?  I’m so excited that September is next week.  A very warm week ahead for us.  My favorite season is right around the corner!!!!

  3. undercover921 says:

    Up Northern Jersey on the border of NYS… So I believe still 4 maybe 5 foggy morning, but the cobwebs still being built. The other day out with my neighbors deck late night, we talk and watch a cobweb be form from start to finish, it was great.

  4. Stormwatcher says:

    We have fog several times a week here in Nebraska and wasp are eating up the peaches in the trees which I haven’t seen before

  5. rmanning says:

    Saw first wooly worm today, it was all black.

  6. daxjax says:

    Been seeing lots of spiders here in nj. Wondering if it is going to be a cold winter. Also wondering if we will
    willl see hurricanes this year.

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