Winter folklore

Posted By: ShawnM  Posted On: Aug 31st, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

I have a Red Maple tree outside my bedroom window, and I heard that high spider webs are a sign of a harsh or severe winter! Well I don’t think there is a complete web on the tree but there are some lines of a spider’s silk thread on the tree. The lines of silk thread are near the top of the tree. The silk thread is connected to the tallest limb of the tree.  There is also an actual spider web connected from under the house’s roof to the top railing of our front porch. Would that count as a high spider web?


What do you think this means for my winter?        

  1. TheMaineMan says:

    I still haven’t seen a wooly bear… been keeping an eye out. Usually I’ve seen at least a couple by now, but they are hiding from me so far. All I saw was the brown one back in July (which was very early for the caterpillar).

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