First Winter Storm Warning of the season issued for Steamboat Springs, CO

Posted By: sapporo1  Posted On: Oct 2nd, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Heavy snow and cold headed for my house, and a Winter Storm Warning has been issued for my entire county.
As of now, 5 to 10 inches of snow will accumulate Thursday night and Friday, with really cold air behind it, high of 31 on Friday, with a low of 18 forecasted…talk about frigid for so early in October, not to mention alot of snow for so early.

  1. ShawnM says:

    Awesome Sapporo1 if you can please tell us how the storm is materializing as it’s going on and if you actually get more snow than is currently forecasted! :)

  2. sapporo1 says:

    Truthfully, it looks as though the most heavily impacted areas may end up being in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming as well as parts of the Black Hills of South Dakota, but only time will tell with this system, as there is alot of uncertainty as to the track and intensity of the storm, so of course I will keep you posted on the developing storm.
    By the way, as of now, snow accumulations are looking like this…
    Northwest Colorado…5 to 10 inches with locally higher amounts on northwest facing slopes.
    Wyoming…3 to 10 inches in the valleys with 10 to 18 inches in the mountains.
    South Dakota…as much as a foot in the Black Hills, with lesser amounts farther east.
    Minnesota…could also see the first flakes of the year, possibly as much as a few inches by Saturday evening.
    Best bet after that as of now via NOAA, is that from Minnesota the storm shoots up northeastward into southern Canada, and burns out and falls apart there. Stay posted for further details fellow wintermongers. lol.

  3. ShawnM says:

    Sounds awesome! According to the Storm Prediction Center in Norman Oklahoma there could possibly be thunderstorms with the winter storm to possibly increase snowfall rates here is the map from the website!

    Do you think it could possibly become a blizzard?

  4. ShawnM says:

    Blizzard warnings are now being issued! I believe this storm is going to be epic!

  5. KatD-Mo. says:

    feast or famine! good luck and enjoy!

  6. sapporo1 says:

    Speaking of epic, over a foot of snow hs already fallen here in Steamboat, and it’s still snowing…in fact, we coule still get an additional 2 to 4 inches of it, according to the National Weather Service!

  7. McSnow2265 says:

    Hi everyone. Have you seen what’s unfolded in South Dakota from the storm Sapporo1 has been enjoying?  Some serious snow totals!!  Can’t wait for New England to get into the snow action. Sapporo1 can you post photos?  
    Here’s the link.
    Check out the amounts for Lead, SD. 

  8. TheMaineMan says:

    That is insane… I’m grateful it isn’t that cold and snowy so early in the year up here as I’m still enjoying fall activities, lol. But I hope you are enjoying it and share the wealth (maybe in mid-November) haha.

  9. sapporo1 says:

    Well, the damage has been done in many spots over the course of the last few days, with quite a massive blizzard that has wreaked havoc over several states, but in particular, northern Colorado, and especially South Dakota and Wyoming…where some parts of SD saw as much as 48 inches of snow combined with near hurricane force winds from what I hear.
    We didn’t get much wind from the storm, and no whopping 48 inches, but we still got clobbered here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with around 18 inches of snow total at my house, and around a foot in town, so it still hit us with some good snows, and some wickedly cold temperatures…in the mid 10s, which is unusually cold for anywhere in the US this early in the year, no matter how far north (or high up) you live.
    And now I hear of another potential storm around the same time next week, which bears further scrutiny, but has the potential to bottom out into another monster storm, thought that is just speculation at this point, the potential is out there, and keep in mind, it also has it’s eyes set on the same areas that were hammered by this week’s storm.
    Let’s also not forget, that with a strong winter storm this time of year, comes the other half of the story…the severe weather threat, which can be every bit as dangerous and spectacular as the wintry side.
    Also, for my fellow winter lovers who are looking for the latest details concerning the potential outcome for the anticipated DJF season, turn to Weather advance for the time being and read the latest post, it is very long and painfully detailed, but has alot of very insightful information, and hints on what may be coming for winter…hint: it could possibly drop back to a weak La Nina with a negative PDO, but SSW events could occasionally mean some cold outbreaks and snow for the eastern US, but this time around, it appears as though the best action may end up being the PNW, Montana, ,wyoming and Colorado Rockies, Northern Plains and Midwest regions, the east coast could be influenced by both the southeast ridge and occasionally a strong high over eastern Canada and Northern New England, which doesn’t necessarily mean less snow for the interior Northeast, but it would mean more coastal rain events vs snow events, and would also mean less frequent or intense storms rolling through there, alot can still change between now and true winter, but one thing is for certain, many of us in the west, may finally see at least a near end to the seemingly endless drought we have been in for half a decade.

  10. ShawnM says:

    That would be great if the drought could end in the west! That was an epic storm wasn’t it Sapporo1? Did you get any of the thundersnow? What about the gusty winds?

  11. sapporo1 says:

    Not really, as I mentioned in the post, it was actually pretty calm here, not alot of wind, nothing over about 10 mph, and nope, no thunder or lightning with that snow, it was just plain old heavy, wet snow, that in the end amounted to about 18 inches, we still have a little bit left on the ground (about 3 or 4 inches in most places) but for the most part, all that snow is just a distant memory now, not surprising either considering how early in the year that it fell, and talk about the muddy mess it left behind…I was happy to use my fireplace though.
    Speaking of mud, the snowstorm equated to around 1.5 inches of subsequent water to snowfall ratio, which is really helpful in further eradicating drought conditions across the state.

  12. Stephanie679 says:

    Sapporo what do you think Colorado Springs will get?

  13. TheMaineMan says:

    18 inches of snow = 1.5 inches of water is a 12/1 ratio, that is quite dry for an early season snowfall (at least it would be here) is that common in Colorado for early season snowfalls? Here I would only expect 12/1 or drier in mid-winter.

  14. sapporo1 says:

    Actually, Maineman, that’s considered fairly wet here, honestly though, there is a reason why our ski areas are so famous, it’s the condition of the snow that falls here, it’s normally fluffy and airy, which is perfect for skiing\ snowboarding, not quite as slushy and messy as eastern U.S snowstorms.
    But, if you consider the 300 to nearly 500 inches of snow a year that our mountains typically get…it really adds up in the precipitation department…our range here averages nearly 60 to sometimes as much as 70 inches of precip a year if you also count rainfall in summer…over the last 2 weeks we have had 3 major storms…bringing 2 1\2 to 3 or so inches of rainfall in the lowlands and as much as 4 to 5 inches of precip in the higher mountains.there is also a new storm moving in which is bringing significant rain ans snow to the area…so in other words, it has been anything but dry here lately…guess there’s a reason why fall and spring are called “mud season” around here lol.

  15. TheMaineMan says:

    Yeah that’s true, at 500 inches it doesn’t matter if you are at 30/1 that’s still a lot of water lol.

  16. Stephanie679 says:

    Well woke upto a extremely light layer of snow on the ground andwith a light snowfall. Pretty cool. I am hoping that it is a good sign that we will have some good snow this year.

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