NOAA’s winter forecast

Posted By: ShawnM  Posted On: Oct 20th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

As usual NOAA issued a WARM winter forecast just like they always do every year! I guess they just love being wrong as they will be this winter season! If they are ever right it is merely by coincidence only. I think they should stick to issuing watches, advisories and warnings as they do that quite well! :)

  1. KatD-Mo. says:

    Its in their best interest to make such a forecast. Otherwise they can’t back up all of their big theory’s and fear mongering.
    I’ve seen so much in the media this late summer that the warming trend is coming to an end. They back it up with plausible data too.
    Now I’m not saying man isn’t jacking with the environment, I’m saying that some things are out of our control and out of our ability to mess up. The sun would be a good example.

  2. sapporo1 says:

    Hahaha, ain’t that a fact, how can the NOAA be so good at short term forecasts, and yet bomb out totally on long ranges you ask? Simple, when you have a global warming bias like NOAA does, you will almost always be wrong, because of the simple fact that the earth is not steadily warming at all, first off, the planet never does anything evenly on the same scale, since each hemisphere is different, and no two sides are ever doing the exact same thing at the same time, and the northern half of the earth is at a hiatus, and even pushing towards falling temperatures now.

  3. KatD-Mo. says:

    I’ve looked at my local university’s historical weather data. It goes back a long way.

    Even me, an uneducated weather lover can see the patterns and swings. Just by looking at their data on a graph, it’s easy to see we are at the end of a warming cycle.

    Of course it would start to cool off when I moved back to Mo….. from Az!! I’ve been back home long enough (I think) that I’m pretty ready for the cooling trends to start. I hope.

    Austrailia is having some pretty big fires and its putting a lot of ash into the air. I’m wondering if that, like a volcano eruption, will alter NOAA’a warm winter. :D

  4. ShawnM says:

    It probably will KatD-Mo! The Weather Channel’s winter forecast is just as abysmal as NOAA’s! And I am not buying it at all. It’s going to be a cold and snowy winter! I’m guessing NOAA loves to be wrong! And they will never admit they are ever wrong! Like local meteorologists who act like it’s going to do what they say and then it doesn’t! They never acknowledge it at all!

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