Sweet Potatoes

Posted By: windella  Posted On: Nov 10th, 2013  Filed Under: Home & Garden

I’m new to gardening and this year is the first year I planted sweet potatoes and Jerusalem Artichokes. How do I now when to harvest? The artichoke’s flowers have bloomed,dropped and the plant looks like it’s dying,turning brown. I dug very shallow;but didn’t see any artichokes,do they grow deep? The sweet potato plants spread a lot,still green,I dug very shallow,saw no potatoes. 


  1. phiferindia says:

    Sorry, i also new to gardening sweet potatoes. I am not as well experiance in it. But sure i’ll give you one link which hope that will help you lot http://www.organicgardening.com/learn-and-grow/sweet-potato

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