first snow

Posted By: rickymadialessi  Posted On: Nov 12th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

early this morning i woke up and all the sudden there was snow flurries melting as they hit the ground

  1. snowlover says:

    That might be the same system which will bring us “possible” “light flurries”.  Last week of course it looked a lot worse.  Oh well….glad to see some of it especially since central VA doesn’t usually see snow 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving.  It is however very cold and windy.  Winter’s around the corner!

  2. fatima20 says:

    yes we usually don’t here in virginia. Got some snow in virginia beach here on tuesday!

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    Where are you Ricky?
    Still no snow flakes here. Actually been quite mild the last few days, and rainy. It’s forecast to be below-average by weekend again. No flurries in the forecast yet.
    Will it be December before NNE sees some snow flakes in the sky, never mind accumulation?

  4. snowlover says:

    I feel your pain MaineMan.  Although we had “light flurries” last week; I really got to see it for only 1 minute.  Besides working on inside; it really didn’t last long at all.  It was soooo light almost like rain:(  – Now according to a few sights…the week of Thanksgiving looks promising for the eastern states.  1.2.3 Fingers-crossed everybody!

  5. rickymadialessi says:

    To answer your question maine man i live in the hills and mountains of western massachusetts my area averages 68.0 inches of snow

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