I’m back guys! It’s fatima 20 I think this winter look interesting in several spots especially! Typhoon Haiyan

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It’s been a while since i’ve been with you guys but now i’m back. It looks interesting for this winter and i see a lot of snow for the southeast and northeast and mid atlantic. A lot of the east coast and places like the mid west, northeast, southeast, and mid-atlantic need to look out especially, because i think these regions will see a lot of snow this winter! there may even be a snowfall around thanksgiving in places like virginia! We just had our first rain/snow mix and flurries tuesday night here in virginia beach,va  ! This is early for us. There are only a couple records that go back far as far as snowfall too often in november. It’s strange and almost never happens here in november so this tells me something. There are so many signs it seems to me. Overtime i will be discussing these issues and excitement on this potiental crazy cold snowy winter for places in the east. I believe a good el nino is coming providing regions in the south, mid atlantic and northeast the chance for lots of snow and cold temperatures the way it looks. I think winter is starting early this year, because here, we’ve had a couple 40 degree days here! Scary for this early here. Also, the pacific has had strong heated waters which would cause me to believe waters are very cold here and i’ve seen them extremely cool for this time of year already! This must mean lots of snowstorms for the east coast! Then typhoon Haiyan proves to be one of the strongest storms in history! That also proves how hot waters are in the pacific and why it makes sense for me to believe that there’s only a matter of time before we get lots of snow in the east this year! I hope so and believe so!

I’m very felt very sad for the Philippines right now with the problems they’re going through with Typhoon Haiyan and I hope everything gets better because the Philippines gets it rough! 

It’s talking to you guys again, and I’m back!

  1. tfire11 says:

    Glad to see you are back. Love reading your post.

  2. sapporo1 says:

    So far, we are getting buried here in the Colorado Rockies, I have been recording how much snow falls for each day that it snows, and tallying it all up at the end of the month, here at my house, just for October and so far in November alone, we have gotten 61 inches of snow, including 11 inches that fell over the last few days and November aint over yet, we still have another couple of storms to go before the month ends, and the one coming on Thursday into Friday looks like it could potentially have significant snow with it, and prospects for a huge storm at month’s end and opening days of December.

  3. ShawnM says:

    That sounds awesome Sapporo1! Welcome back Fatima20! Hey Fatima20, do you think there are possibilities of strong winter storm systems like blizzards? And do you think there could be thundersnow possibilities? I live in Missouri! 
    Back when we were talking about wholly worms I mentioned that one day my dad said he saw a completely BLACK wholly worm near our drive way. And someone else from Missouri said she saw a white wholly worm or white wholly worms. I did some research on a search engine and website said all black wholly worms mean a very cold winter, while white wholly worms mean either deep snow or a very snowy winter. I am getting excited about this upcoming winter. Because even though last winter we had a few major warm ups we had 3 decent winter storms, all 3 contained thundersnow, the first and third storms had the most thundersnow. I am possibly thinking about buying a video camera and recording weather including the future winter storms and putting them on YouTube.

  4. sapporo1 says:

    Neat ShawnM, and I couldn’t tell you about Wooly Worms, I have never seen one in Colorado, maybe it’s too cold for them here.

  5. fatima20 says:

    Thanks for the welcomes Shawn and tfire11. Yes it will be common to see thunder snow in places like midatlantic, southeast, northeast and southern mid west areas like Missouri should too. Missouri has areas that already seen snow and the winter pattern will be very strong with lots of cold and snowstorms riding up through deep south and southeast to midatlantic in places like Virginia to northeast which Virginia is in too. Many blizzards and thunder snow I believe for all the areas I talked about on this post. I’ve seen lots of woolly worms here in Virginia beach,Va and lots of them black signaling cold snowy winter and brown does too signaling lots of snow! Lots of huge high spider webs and spiders all in m house! So many signs of a cold and snowy winter for the eastern USA especially east coast in midatlantic and northeast and southeast. And deep south too.

  6. Elijah_B says:

    Sounds great. I live in rome Georgia we had a high of 46f and a low of 18f last week. The coldest day and night on record. Signs of a cold and snowy winter?

  7. ShawnM says:

    Do you think the blizzards/thundersnow will be epic Fatima20 especially in Missouri? I live in the central part of Missouri. I saw some of the signs you have too. Lots of high spider webs! The highest spider web was between the two top powerlines on the power pole behind the house. Do you know if there is such a thing as strong thundersnow or severe thundersnow?
    Back in 2006 or 2007 December we had a winter storm and sometime from 12 or 1am to about 5am we had thundersnow and I am guessing it was snowing like 3-4 inches per hour because we ended up with between 16-18 inches of snow, and most of the heavy snow occurred after midnight.
    I haven’t seen any white woolly worms except on the internet but someone in Missouri said they saw white woolly worms which means deep snow or a lot of snow. Last winter wasn’t all that harsh to me besides the three winter storms we got Q, Rocky and Virgil. Q and Virgil had the most thundersnow it may have had bolt lightning but definately had lightning flashes. The lightning was I think purple and or pink in color. Sometimes blue lightning occurs in winter storms. I love watching thundersnow videos on YouTube. Do you think this winter will be harsh during most of it or all of it or severe? Or does harsh and severe mean essentially the same thing? :)
    I am hoping this winter doesn’t have warm ups like last winter did!

  8. snowlover says:

    Although I’ve noticed a few signs; the one that concerns me the most is the lack of acorns.  There are no acorns to be found.  This concerns me.  Welcome back Fatima20, hoping what you see materializes.  It makes a lot of sense what you said about the warmer waters in the Pacific.  I don’t know the exact science to this; but I’m thinking it must be a good sign for the easterners. 

  9. TANKER says:

    I’ve seen about 5 all black wooly worms which I guess means bad winter all the time during this year

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