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I was telling you guys on Sunday that a secondary low pressure is going to form over the panhandle of Texas run up through the Ohio valley it looks like that could be the case for some of the computer models it looks like it’s staying down south and going  to give us people in the northern half of the state some light snow about inch or two but more to the south and east  of Ohio On the other hand some of the computer models are bringing the storm north  which if this is the case we could see  moderate mounts of snow from my bias opinion I hope it goes north. may I reiterate that this low pressure has not even developed yet and we still have 21/2 to three days to see what happens I would like to ad that the stonger the storm the more of a westerly track it will take. one more thing another storm system is on its way for ohio for sunday and Monday .

  1. trw says:

    I live in SE MI, How much snow could we see just below the thumb, different forecasts are hinting at a storm, but nobody will give any estimated snowfall amounts yet…

  2. adogg30 says:

    I don’t know it all depends on the tracks of the two storms. the first storm nothing for Michigan unless it takes that westerly track . the second is kind of the same situation only thing is that this system come up farther north .

  3. trw says:

    ok, well i am interested to hear how it will play out for you, and if you see that Mi will get hit I would love to hear what you expect. Hope its a snowmaker for you

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