Chances of a white Christmas (my personal synopsis)

Posted By: sapporo1  Posted On: Dec 9th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Coastal Northeast (South of Boston) 20%-30%
North of Boston, 30%-70%
Interior Northeast 70%-100%
Southeast (Appalachians and vicinity) 30%-50%
Southeast (Coastal) 0%-20%
Mid-Atlantic (Appalachians) 50%-90%
Mid-Atlantic (Coastal) 20%-50%
Midwest 40%-60%
Upper Midwest/Great Lakes 60%-100%
Northern plains 70%-100%
Central Plains 40%-60%
Southern Plains 20%-40%
Deep South 0%-20
Front Range 30%-60%
Northern Rockies 90%-100%
Central/ Southern Rockies 90%-100%
Pacific Northwest (Mountains) 90%-100%
Pacific Northest (Coastal) 10%-30%
Southwest (interior 40%-90%
Sothwest (deserts) 0%-20%

  1. ShawnM says:

    I like your Christmas snow forecast a lot Sapporo1! :)

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    Do you foresee a coming thaw for “North of Boston” that puts it as low as 30%? I would say 50-80% but just my take. It will take a lot to thaw this coming storm and we’re currently in the coldest December pattern we’ve had in… well, a very long time. This might be our first colder than average December in many years.

  3. sapporo1 says:

    Recent events definitely have me thinking that the entire Eastern half the US north of Kentucky and Virginia have at least a 50% shot at this point.
    Boston and northward, a 60%-100% chance.

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