ShawnM, snow coming for Missouri, and for much of the Midwest and interior Northeast, Big Christmas storm possible for Colorado Rockies, Plains, Midwest

Posted By: sapporo1  Posted On: Dec 12th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

Winter Weather Advisory criteria snowfall is expected all across the Midwest through the next few days, meanwhile, heavy Lake-effect snow continues for the eastern Great Lakes.
Late next week, a storm system currently hammering Japan, will promote an Aleutian High to develop, which will cause any and all arctic air to be dumped into the lower 48.
At the same time, a powerful and moist storm will drop into the Rockies and potentially strengthen as it does so, while high pressure moves into the Southeast, promoting warmer weather on the East Coast, this will also aid in steering the storm into the Midwest once it moves out of the Rockies and Plains.
Snowfall projections are nearly impossible to see this far out, however there does appear to high probability of heavy snow accumulations in Colorado, the Central Plains and Midwest at this point, stay tuned for these prospects, and for potentially a large swath of the US having a very white Christmas, and for the Northeast to catch a break from the bitter cold just in time for Christmas.

  1. ShawnM says:

    That’s awesome news Sapporo1! Could this late next week storm possibly be a blizzard? Could it be Winter storm F, since Winter storm E is currently happening? Is the storm in Japan very strong? Should it be the same strength or stronger when it’s in the US? Could it produce thundersnow especially in Missouri? How many days would the storm occur in any particular states depending on it’s speed? 

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    Hmm are you thinking warmer as in close to average, or a potential thaw that could melt the snow away?

  3. sapporo1 says:

    Maineman, I mean close to average in the Northeast, maybe even still slightly below in the north, however for Christmas, the core of the brutally cold air will be over the Rockies and Plains, we could once again see numbers as cold as we saw a few weeks ago, when we fell to 25 below zero here in Steamboat for at least a few nights…ever since then, we have seen numbers around, at or below zero for lows.
    Seeing a few snow showers here tonight, already about an inch or so, as much as a few inches anticipated due to moist NW flow, which will help to maintain the foot and a half snowpack we have here until our Christmas storm arrives, hope to see lots of the white stuff for my favorite day of the year.

  4. Ohio 5-O says:

    Sapparo1 by midwest for that Christmas storm i hope you mean all midwest which includes Ohio

  5. ShawnM says:

    I wonder if next week’s storm will be Winter Storm Warning or higher criteria? :) Friday evening/Saturday morning’s storm Electra dropped between one to two inches of snow where I live. Here is hoping Winter Storm F is an epic storm!

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