major winter storm potential from central plains to the great lakes on 19 to 23 of december with snow and ice

Posted By: tornadoes2  Posted On: Dec 13th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

we are going to have – eastern pacific oscilation coming from the pacific organ the storm is crashing in japan what will do we will have strong nao trough with higher heights by next week we will see major ice storm and snowstorm from western texas to the great lakes we will have to watch for high impact potential and violent winter storm.

  1. ShawnM says:

    Sounds awesome Tornadoes2! Here is hoping that it’s snow for Missouri, very heavy snow, I hope this storm is strong enough for possible thundersnow.

  2. tornadoes2 says:

    I heard very strong storm system coming from t he southwest USA will bring the storm to the great lakes its going dump 4 to 5 feet of snow in southwestern ontario and all of ontario and chance of crippling ice storm next week take care everyone and be safe for Christmas.

  3. ShawnM says:

    Take care Tornadoes2 and be safe and have a great Christmas!

  4. amyweger says:

    All I can say is wow. This winter has already started with a bang for us. We have over a foot of snow just from this weekend and it keeps on coming. Friday is supposed to be rain though :(

  5. tornadoes2 says:

    Saturday and Sunday we will have winter storm could be deadly for the great lakes alone no more hugging the coast

  6. ShawnM says:

    What accumulations are you seeing for the midwest including Missouri Tornadoes2? Could there be possible thundersnow with it?

  7. amyweger says:

    We would love to get some thunder snow! Our weatherman says temps will be close to 50 this weekend and melt our existing snow pack. Noooooo!! Not to mention that we will be getting RAIN.  I don’t care if it does not snow from now until Christmas, I just don’t want our existing snow to melt days before then! 

  8. tornadoes2 says:

    there might not be thundersnow but there will copious amount of snow from southwestern united states all the way to the southwestern great lakes predicting 18 to 28 inches of snow is in the forecast when i say all a long its global warming and it sometimes bring big snowstorm there u have this weekend 18 inches so far predicted but theres going to be more than that the weather will be very very extreame i mean extream, tornadoes on other side  of the storm down south great lakes with snow ice, missouri with a crippling ice storm with copious amount are storm will bring power outages we should stock up food before christmas just in case it doesn’t get any short of food in are frige, these will be power enough that u can’t walk outside because, anyways keep in touch or inform until any changes to the weather development situation of this storm could turn severe: stay tune.

  9. ShawnM says:

    Is the ice storm for southern Missouri? I live in the Central/East Central Missouri area.

  10. tornadoes2 says:

    Windsor Essex county is under a high impact storm for Saturday and sunday alert potential for violent snow ice maybe high winds

  11. tornadoes2 says:

    all of ontario from windsor to toronto are in for major ice storm storm with high impacted storm with power outages this weekend its starts saturday night to early in the morning hours of sunday then it will transition to rain on sunday afternoon.

  12. amyweger says:

    We are under a flood watch from tomorrow until Sunday evening. Snow is melting and supposed to get around two inches of rain on top of it all. Then supposed to snow Monday?!? Good luck to everyone in the path of this. Stay safe!

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