Snow Disappointment Again….

Posted By: snowgazer  Posted On: Dec 18th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

The last few days, our local weather reporters have predicted a 1-2 FOOT snow storm to strike southeastern Ohio area, only to learn tonight from maps and postings, the snow has moved considerably north and we’ll get just rain….again. Each time my hopes are lifted only to be disappointed. Will I ever see a snow such as the ones we had multitudes of when I was growing up? 

  1. sapporo1 says:

    Tell the Northeast to quit hoggin it all lol?
    We could use some new snow here in the Rockies…snowpack is dwindling to under a foot here because of these warm, dry conditions (hit a blazing 40 degrees here today, which is almost unheard of for this late in December)…hopefully this coming weekend storm brings some decent snows back to Steamboat.
    Because…snow joke guys lol.

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    Patience. I am just now receiving the arctic December cold blast that WJP forecast 4 years ago.
    As the storm track ventures southward into January you should get some good snows I would think but I’m no expert.

  3. snowgazer says:

    Sapporo 1, I’ll do a snow dance for your area, if you’ll do one for mine as well. Smile. I would think 40* would be very warm indeed for your spot on the globe. I shouldn’t complain, there are others wanting the fluffy white stuff as much as I am, it just seems that time after time they have the storm right over us, and then woosh! It’s gone and someone else is enjoying the beauty of slipping, sliding, shoveling….Smile. 
    The MaineMan, I’m definitely trying to exercise patience, but I’m now getting to the age where hormones are dictating more than common sense, and my husband is quite pleased that all of my mood swings at this time are directed towards the local weather reporters and not him! Giggle. We’ve had approximately 4 snows that have left 2-4″ inches on the ground, which is actually quite a bit of activity for us at this time of year. Our weather is nothing like what it use to be. My fingers and toes are crossed that January will be bountiful.
    Merry Christmas to you both!! 

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