White Christmas!

Posted By: amyweger  Posted On: Dec 24th, 2013  Filed Under: Weather

After all the rain we had this past weekend, I thought our chances of a white Christmas were washed away with the snow. Yesterday if was around 50 degrees and no snow left, but today….we got some wonderful lake effect snow and it has been going all day! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday!

  1. sapporo1 says:

    Great to hear, congrats to you, hope you get to enjoy it and if I could send you photos of our white Christmas, I would…just over 3 feet on the ground here in Steamboat Springs, officially the deepest snow I have ever seen on the ground this early in the year, even since I was a kid growing up in Alaska, so yeah, I feel like you do…pretty stoked :)

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    While we didn’t have anu fresh snow, the cold temperatures and ice storm preserved our snow from earlier in the month and we had a very solid snowpack on the ground for Christmas.
    We’re actually getting 2-4 inches of snow today, kind of a last-second forecast event as they originally just called for PM snow showers. The low pressure originally wasn’t expected to gather any strength until reaching the Maritimes, but it’s picking up a bit sooner than expected, and while the Maritimes will still be the winners from this one it’s enough to give us a small event. There is still a sheet of ice on the driveway from the ice storm, and the snow on ice is SLICK.
    I ventured up to the Augusta area yesterday and they got hit really bad… 0.75 inches of ice, many power outages, down branches and lines, and cold temperatures to prevent the ice from thawing. My town got “only” .60 inches of ice. We’ll have some relief this weekend as temps hit 40 (didn’t work out last time… we’ll see) but next week is looking very cold with temperatures 10 to 15 below average. Hopefully the ice can at least melt off the power lines before the cold snap comes.

  3. amyweger says:

    I hope you all had a great holiday! I hope the ice melts MaineMan. That is one thing I don’t care for myself. Glad to see more snow this winter than we did last winter. 

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