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10 Easy Ways to Re-Organize Your Life After the Holidays

10 Easy Ways to Re-Organize Your Life After the Holidays

1. Write all thank you notes and take down all lights and decorations for final closure.

2. Take stock with your decoration storing. Do you need better bins? Should you add a list to the boxes or containers identifying what’s in them. Organizing them now will make it easier next year. (And by all means, get rid of those decorations you don’t use anymore.)

3. Get rid of all those holiday goodies. Cookies, cakes, sugarplums, they are all good to indulge in during the season, but now it’s time to wean yourself from that sugar high. Donate the unopened leftovers to a food bank or bring them to work to get rid of them faster. (Leftover candy canes can be saved for Valentine’s day. They make cute hearts for cards or cupcakes.)

4. Get back to your exercise routine. Hopefully you had time to keep some exercise in your busy schedule. If so bump it up a little, if not pick it back up. If you’ve never exercised regularly, why not use the New Year as a good time to start one.

5. Budget. No one likes to budget but the start of the New Year offers you a good opportunity to plan your goals for the upcoming year. Do you need a new car? Start a savings plan each month so you have some saved up for the big purchase.

6. Buy a calendar and add the important dates for the year. This will help keep you organized and ahead of the game for birthdays, special events, anniversaries and appointments. Hang in a common area for all to see.

7. If possible, organize rooms where you’ll be putting new gifts from Christmas. If you have kids, the best idea is to clean house (toys) before the holidays, but if you didn’t have time, why not do that now. Many shelters and daycare facilities would love donations of slightly used toys.

8. Do you really need it? Ask yourself if you really need some of the gifts you received. If not, donate or even put them aside to re-gift or sell at a garage sale.

9. New Year’s resolutions are great but don’t make too many or go overboard. The New Year is a great time to evaluate, lose old habits, start new ones and set goals.

10. Allow mistakes. Don’t expect perfection. Just learn from the mistakes.

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  • "Dee" Dianne Purnell says:

    Hello to all, I have been reading the Farmers’ Almanac since I was in my teens, and that was many moons ago. I love it and I have always planted my gardens by the signs. I am looking forward to a new year. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and may the good Lord watches over all of us and keep us safe. Amen. Dee

  • Heather Scholl says:

    Wonderful suggestions! This year my theme is organization. Be it my home, garden, or exercise plan, I need a way to make the activities that are important to me a priority.

    I have always tried to be consistent, but as I’ve gotten a bit older I realize that I’m spending too much time on things that bring me down (too much t.v.) and forget about others that bring me joy (clearing a patch of weeds).

    Your suggestions are confirmation that I’m on the right path! Thank you.

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