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10 Ways to Say Goodbye to Summer

10 Ways to Say Goodbye to Summer

Even though summer officially ends when the fall season begins, summer temperatures can hang on, prolonging the season and giving you time to say your proper goodbyes. Here’s a list of things to do say goodbye to summer before fall officially arrives:

10 Ways to Say Goodbye to Summer

  1. Visit the beach one last time. The sun feels so wonderful even on a chilly day and you’ll probably get a good parking spot. Bring the dog and enjoy watching the waves.
  2. Make a big fruit salad with the last of the summer fruits and berries. (Next will be pumpkins and apples!)
  3. Have a back yard cookout with all your summer favorites.  Better yet, host an “End of Summer” party and invite friends and neighbors.
  4. Pick the last of your flowers before a hard frost.
  5. Take that bike ride or hike you’ve been talking about all summer.
  6. Grab your towel and head for a swim—if it’s not too cold, of course —before you have to pack away the bathing suits.
  7. Take one last mini-vacation with the family. It’s not too late to complete your summer bucket list of trips!
  8. Pack a picnic lunch and head to the park. Take in the scenery before it changes. Be mindful of your surroundings.
  9. Head outside to do some gentle stretches or exercise to get into shape for that raking that will take place in a few months.
  10. Order an ice cream cone from your favorite haunt and eat it outside. They’ll be closing their doors soon!

Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? What would you add to the list?

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  • Pam Bedingfield says:

    I am looking forward to fall. and the cooler temperatures, the fireplace, the no sunlight in my eyes at 6 a.m. Applesauce, apple cobbler, apple pie, apple fritters, a trip to the apple orchard! I am enjoying sleeping with the window open, the patio door open all day I love fall, and spring the best!!

  • Shahriar Khan says:

    For healthy living we need some healthy eating. We should know about the food items which are so helpful for our body.thanks for sharing this..

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