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100,000 Fans! Thank YOU!

100,000 Fans! Thank YOU!

Overnight, the Farmers’ Almanac Facebook page reached a very exciting milestone: 100,000 likes!

To celebrate, we gave away 100 FREE Farmers’ Almanacs to fans who commented on this post.

The following people won free 2014 Farmers’ Almanacs. Congratulations!

Susan E. Gray, Rose Ebensbergrer, Cyndi Wicks, Jennifer Pruitt, Shelia Laymon, Judy Messinger, Randy Meredith, Dianne Beattie, Desirae Benson, Marie Chouest, Mindy Dornblaser, Pam Perry, L Cook, Cindy Reece, Donya Mealy, Jennifer Hite, Gayla Lankford, Missy Stiger, Ivory Ann Hudson, Dwayne Bressem, Debbie Prince, Lisa Pobst, Kelia Bell, Rhonda Botard, Amanda Hotchkiss, Peggy Stenglein, Enrico Paliani Jr, Leann Sebring, Kay Curtis, Roy M. Guffey, Saundra Emerson, John Obert, Richard Tomlinson, Felicia Wisbey, Dawn Dennis, Kathy Anderson, Kim Isaman, Georgia Fortner, Maureen Walstrum, Dawn Derr, Sandy Connolly, Marlene Patten, Jasmine Landin, Jason Canfield, Maggie Gillan, Robert Minaker, Marietta Rotolo, Molly Tebow, Keri Herdman, Dia Davis, Mary Ellen Schuetrumpf, Gayla Howell, Betsy Billock, Becca Mccort, Vickie Ballard, Stacey Vannatta, Alan Flye, Lindsey Straley, Joelle Morgan, Chrisi Kemp, Julie Landrum, JW Foote, Chris Barth, Barbara Gagliano, Kim Gruenstein, Pam Hewitt, David Bennett, Pat Whitty, Kay Curtis, Lora McCarthy, Teresa Patterson, Jerry Wisian, Amy Henderson, Drema Leadmon, Steven Currin, J Brett, Lisa Cameron, Pam Truog, Kelly Crawford, Anna Calhoun, Jonah Hembree, Cher Lindsay, Geneva Worley, Brad Sjosten, Sarah Klinko, Lisa Wright, Peg Fornefelt, Cathy Hill, Jaime Johnson, Elizabeth Hernandez, Sherry Burnett, Shannon Lane, Amy Shirley, Matthew J. Spart, Cynthia Hulker, Dawn Young, Heather Williams, Erika Senglaub, Lisa Anthony, and Cecilia Doman.

Thank you for being a fan, and here’s to another 100,000!

Commenting is now closed! Thank you for participating!

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