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1878 Rules For Making A Husband & Wife Happy

Bet you didn't know the Farmers' Almanac used to give marriage advice! See what tips we offered in our 1878 edition to keep couples blissfully happy. Do they still hold up with time?

Bet you didn’t know the Farmers’ Almanac used to give marriage advice! See what tips we offered in our 1878 edition to help keep married couples blissfully happy. Do they still hold up with time?

Rules for Making a Wife Happy

  • Treat your wife as politely and kindly as when you were wooing her.
  • If your dinner does not suit you, do not spoil her appetite by scolding her about it at the time, but give whatever suggestions are needed after dinner.
  • Do not humiliate her by groaning over every item of household expense as if she was extravagant. Either retrench in superfluities, or pay for them without murmuring.
  • Share your pleasures and your cares with her, and show that you value her society and her advice.
  • Do not speak lightly of her cares and fatigues, sympathize in her troubles, whether small or great.
  • Try to gratify her fancies, such as a flower garden, or conveniences about her work. She will be reminded of your consideration or neglect many times every day by these little things.

… and for Making a Husband Happy

  • Try to do not only what your husband wishes in household matters, but also when and how he wishes.
  • Show that you are anxious to avoid waste, and to be faithful in your department of labor.
  • Do not neglect neatness of person or surroundings.
  • Never speak slightingly or bitterly of or to your husband, especially in the presence of other people.
  • When your feelings have been hurt, do not allow your thoughts to dwell upon the injury, but resolutely banish it from your mind, and do some kindness in return.
  • Speak gently always, and do not allow your voice to become sharp and loud. Control of the voice helps to control the temper.

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Diana Barger

I love this.

Susan Higgins

It’s pretty fun, isn’t it!

Argloria Peek

2021…flip the rules if there has to be any rules at all. husband follows rules for wife and wife follows rules for husband. 😷

Nicholas Walton

I have seen what happens when things are done in this manner. It works well if both parties do it.

Barbara Hoag

This applys today, tho many may disagree. Speak softly as you get more bees with honey than vinegar. The words out of the mouth can hurt easily so bite your tongue before you speak.
Actions speak louder than words. That goes for man or woman!

Lara Newsom

Well as for what im suspose to do for him (husband),it dont work that way now days. The old saying of “do unto others as u would want to be treated” dont even work around here.


Thats sad

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