9 Clocks You Still Need to Adjust Manually For The Time Change

While our computers and smartphones will adjust to the time change automatically, these gadgets have to be updated manually. See the list.

Every first Sunday in November and the second Sunday in March, many of us will have to adjust our clocks for Daylight Saving Time. As much as we complain about it, we have no choice but to change our clocks before we hit the hay the previous Saturday night.

While we’ve all been pretty spoiled with our computers, tablets, and smartphones adjusting the time automatically for us, gadgets without a network connection have to be updated manually.  Here are nine clocks you’re going to need to adjust manually

9 Clocks You Still Need to Adjust Manually For DST

  1. Kitchen Oven/Stove
  2. Clock radio/alarm
  3. Car/truck clock
  4. Coffeemaker
  5. Microwave
  6. Wall clocks
  7. Wristwatches
  8. Medical equipment
  9. Security/Alarm System

Now is a great time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as well.

Did we leave anything off the list? Tell us in the comments, below.

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Bruno B Matson

we need to stop this clock changing madness. Twice a year I have to change the clocks on my oven, microwave, coffee maker, alarm clock, setback thermostat and 4 clocks in my house not to mention my vehicle clock. I’m not changing them to fall back this year! I’ll live with them all the rest of this year until March being one hour off.

Kim Fish

I believe it’s spring cleaning time so during this month, when the fireplace has stopped being needed, why not clean out that chimney.


I think I have to set my TV clock also. Is that because I only get broadcast TV, or does everyone have to?

Alice Brooks

Hearing aids


My dog gets fed a 6:pm and goes to bed at 11:pm. When the time changes she gets confused and can’t understand why she gets fed and goes to bed earlier. I have to adjust her schedule 10 minutes a day to get her back on the right times for eating and sleeping just like a human. Crazy as it seems animals react to the time change too.


Wind up clocks such as chiming mantel clocks


Our water softener unit.


My cats’ ‘feed-me’ clock



bea forsythe

house phones- or landlines


The clock on the milk tank that records the milk temperature 🙂

James Waters

Body clock.

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