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5 Ways Mom Can Get A Little Alone Time

5 Ways Mom Can Get A Little Alone Time

Getting time alone as a mom is not always easy – even the bathroom is fair game if you have little ones. And while homemade macaroni necklaces and crowded brunches are all well and good (it’s the thought that counts, right?), sometimes all you really want is some time alone. Consider leaving a little room in your day to treat yourself. You deserve it!

5 Ways to Get Alone Time

Here’s how moms can indulge in a little self-care and get a little time to themselves:

  1. Pamper yourself: If you are like most moms, your days of regular visits to the salon are long gone. You are lucky if you can squeeze in a shower amidst the daily commotion. Send the kids packing and pamper yourself. Schedule a manicure, facial, pedicure, or massage. Let someone pamper YOU while you sit back and relax. If you want to make it fun, meet up with some other mom friends for some adult conversation. If money is tight, simply lock the bathroom door and have an in-home spa day. Light some candles, fill up the tub, whip up a DIY facial mask. A little self-care can go a long way in helping you to feel good.
  2. Reconnect with your old hobbies: As a mom, things need to get done. Your days are most likely scheduled and filled with to-do lists. Pick a day to reconnect with your passions. Go for a hike, take a shopping trip, attend a yoga class, reconnect with old friends, dust off those ancient roller skates. When you do things that make you happy, you are recharging yourself, benefiting not only yourself, but the entire family.
  3. Rest: Rest may seem like a foreign concept to you. Even when you miraculously do find the time for a nap, there are a host of chores that need completing instead. Often times, the greatest gift you can give yourself is sleep. Schedule yourself a sweet, simple, uninterrupted nap. Alone! Not in the mood for some shut eye? Try popping in your favorite movie, cracking a book, or writing in a journal.
  4. Indulge: Go ahead—indulge! Eat that piece of chocolate cake you have been craving all week. Treat yourself to some flowers to brighten your mood. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but make sure the treat is just for you. You are worth it and you have most certainly earned it. Indulging in the little things that make you happy can make a huge impact on your mental state.
  5. Hit the town (sans kids): Just because you don’t want to trek your kids out to brunch, doesn’t mean you have to skip it altogether. Have someone cook for you! Stop by your favorite restaurant and enjoy a meal, and maybe even a cocktail all by yourself. Or take your own mom and have brunch together. Haven’t seen a non G-rated movie on the big screen in eons? Go ahead and catch that romantic comedy you’ve wanted to see. You can also go for a quiet drive to the mountains, or visit a botanical garden, wildlife refuge, or your favorite beauty supply store — alone.  Take the scenic route, roll down the windows and go ahead — crank up the radio and sing out loud!

Have any other ideas for self-care for moms? Share in the comments below.

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