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Light or Dark of The Moon

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Light or Dark of The Moon

When is the dark or light of the Moon?

We often get questions about these phrases. “I read that I should chop wood by the dark of the Moon, does that mean I should head outside with my axe at night?” The answer is No!

The Dark of the Moon refers to the period in the 29.53 day lunar cycle when the Moon is decreasing, getting darker or “waning.” The dark of the Moon is the period before the New Moon, or from full Moon to the New Moon, which lasts about 14+ days. So you can do your “Dark of the Moon” tasks during the day or night in this time period.

The Light of the Moon refers to the period in the lunar cycle is when the Moon in increasing or getting lighter, i.e., “waxing.” The light of the Moon is after the New Moon or between the New Moon and full Moon, a period which also lasts approximately 14 days. You can do your “Light of the Moon” tasks during the day or night in this time period.

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See which Best Days tasks are recommended based on the phases of the Moon. Read, “Why Do We Garden By The Moon” here.

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