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Category — Astronomy

This Week: Get Ready For The Perseids!

Get ready for one of the most widely observed and dependable of the annual meteor displays, happening to a dark sky near you!

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A Black Moon Eclipse?

The “Black Moon Eclipse” is coming! What does that mean, and is it anything to be alarmed about? Here’s everything you need to know about this lunar phenomenon.

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Look Up! A Stargazer’s Guide to August 2017

There are lots of great reasons to look skyward in August, including the best meteor shower the year, and of course the Great American Solar Eclipse!  Here’s a recap of what celestial wonders you can expect to see this month.

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10 Questions About The Solar Eclipse, Answered

How long will it last? What can I expect to see? We’ve got the answers to these and other burning questions about the Great American Solar Eclipse, coming August 21st to a sky near you!

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The Darkest Sky Honors Go To…

Our dark skies are part of the environment and they need to be protected. Learn how Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park “saw the light” and made some important changes.

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This Week: View Scorpius, the Scorpion

The most beautiful zodiacal constellation is low in the southern sky at dusk these summer evenings. Learn more.

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M Is For Messier

We owe a lot to the French astronomer, Charles Messier, whose cataloged objects have helped astronomers for centuries. Learn more.

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Want To See Double-Double? It’s In the Stars This Week

If you can see the stars-within-the-stars of Lyra the Lyre, you have exceptional vision! Learn why they should be on your summer stargazing bucket list.

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