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Throwback Thursday: What Did The Almanac Say For August 1969?

Throwback Thursday: What Did The Almanac Say For August 1969?

We’ve got a true Throwback Thursday for our readers. If you’re a fan of history and Woodstock—the music festival celebrates its 50th anniversary this week—you might enjoy this Almanac “blast from the past.”

We dug up our 1969 edition and had a look at the August calendar page. In it, it shows our weather predictions for the month, Moon phases, sunrise and sunsets, and more. We thought you might enjoy having a look, too. While our weather predictions didn’t quite pinpoint the heavy storms that rained down on festival-goers in Bethel, New York, on August 15-18, we did indicate “unsettled” weather for the east. That may have prompted some to grab a raincoat (not that it would have done much good!).

Hurricane Camille

Did the Almanac forwarn of Camille? Hurricane Camille devastated parts of the northern Gulf Coast on August 17-22. Take a look below.

August and the Almanac

Speaking of August and the Almanac, the release of our 2020 edition happens in just a few short weeks. We hope you are as excited as we are for this edition. Who knows—in 50 years, will our grandchildren be looking at the pages of this Almanac to see what life was like “way back in 2020”? It’s possible. That’s why we’re proud to be a timeless, historical reference for all ages.

Enjoy browsing the historical page, below:

Click to enlarge the image. The August 1969 Calendar page of the Farmers’ Almanac with weather predictions, Moon phases, and more.

We’d love to hear if you attended Woodstock or if you have your own memories to share of August 1969!

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