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Summer Boating Tip

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One of the things we try to do both in the print edition of the Farmers’ Almanac and on our website is to speak to the dangers of weather. I have shared information about thunder/ lightning storms in the past, but recently I had a question that has not come up in the past and

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Earthquake 7.0 – The Big One

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On January 12th a catastrophic 7.0 M. earthquake rocked Haiti. It occurred about 12 miles west of Port au Prince, the nation’s capital city that has a population of one million people. Within a few days, there were 52 recorded aftershocks. The entire quake lasted 45 seconds. In less than one minute, normal turned into

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Earth Day

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Earth Day started in 1970 during my college years. I remember it as being a day to plant a tree and to “love the earth” for at least one day. It grew out of a concern about overpopulation and the need to get to “Zero Population Growth” in the world.  But, over the years, the importance of Earth

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20 Signs Of A Hard Winter Ahead

20 Signs Of A Hard Winter Ahead featured image

Before there were weather apps for your smartphone, people looked to nature to prepare for what's to come. What signs of a hard winter are you already seeing in your back yard?

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Value of “old” Almanacs

Value of “old” Almanacs featured image

When you think of an almanac, I’ll bet tradition comes to mind. In the early days of this country, there were many almanac titles. In the late 1700s the term “farmers” was carried by many almanacs just as there are any number of “Times”, “Gazette”, etc. that go along with newspaper names. From time to

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A Fisherman’s Prayer

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Fishermen are a different group. Nothing bothers them. They can stand by a stream or sit in a boat all day. The preference is to catch a fish or two but hey, just fishing makes  time whittle away. Here is one of my favorite fishing poems from an early edition of the Farmers’ Almanac: A

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The Poor Man’s Fertilizer

The Poor Man’s Fertilizer featured image

When I was small, I heard that it was good when it snowed because it was called a “poor man’s fertilizer”. The person that told me was an old farmer, so I never questioned the saying. Is there truth behind the saying? Aside from water, nitrogen is the only element that snow puts back into the Earth.

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