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Once a Month Household Chores

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While some of you just love getting up to your elbows polishing, scrubbing and shining your house from top to bottom there are those of us that need some incentive to do so.

Fortunately, there are many cleaning and dusting chores around the house that only have to be done about once a month. Cleaning once a month sounds manageable, doesn’t it? How about a system to help remind us when its time to do a chore?

Make a list of 28 different, washing, cleaning and dusting chores. Type them out on a sheet of paper leaving spaces between and cut them out. Glue the strips to index cards and place in a recipe box. When making your list, set it up, as you’d like. Do you want to go through the house and clean all overhead light fixtures or ceiling fans on the same day? If you do, then note each room as a separate entry and group them in sequence on your list. If you prefer to work on one entire room before moving into another, (see 1-4 on the sample list below) then list all the chores than need to be done in each room, in sequence on your list. On the 1st week of the month remove at least 7 chores on index cards from the box and accomplish those chores.

Items in the house that aren’t handled daily don’t have to be cleaned or dusted as often. Compile the list according to your household cleaning needs. To help you get started making that list, examples of household chores that can be accomplished once a month include:

(Continued Below)

1. Wash the mattress cover in master bedroom. (Make a separate entry for each bedroom in the house.)
2. Wash the bedspread and pillow shams in master bedroom. (Make another entry for each bedspread in the house.)
3. Dust the ceiling fan or overhead light fixture in master bedroom.
4. Dust the doorjambs in the master bedroom and bathroom. (Make a list of the rooms in the house that have doorways that need dusting.)
5. Clean the ceiling fans and overhead light fixtures. (Make one entry for each light fixture or ceiling fan in the house.)
6. Dust the top of the TV and computer.
7. Clean the top of the refrigerator.
8. Clean open cupboard or plate shelves.
9. Wash the plates and cups that are displayed openly on the walls or cupboards.
10. Wash the inside of the refrigerator.
11. Feather dust the high places in the house, ledges, corners, etc.

Once a chore is done, return the index card to the recipe box, filing it in the back for next month’s prompting. Remember each week to remove 7 chores from the box and perform them. In four weeks you’ll have them all done and hopefully some time to spare.

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