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Getting Rid Of A Smart Mouse Or Man Against Beast

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Here is a common question this time of the year.

Q. got a little mouse that appears at night and I cannot get him.  Any suggestions??? Tried over the counter things, but the little bugger is smart.

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A. If there is anything I hate, it is a smart mouse. It may take cunning and trickery but you can get him. So, here are a few suggestions:

1. Traps are the best way to know you got the guy. Set it out, place peanut butter, bacon grease or cheese as an “incentive” and wait.

2. There are natural odors that drive mice crazy including peppermint oil, moth balls, ammonia and/ or onions.

3. Spread used kitty litter – urine scent spells danger. Or, buy fox urine – same thing.  They are natural predators and mice will go packing.

4. Speaking of predators – if you don’t own a cat, borrow one for a night. If there is a mouse in the house, his light will be out.

If you can figure out where the mouse  enters the home, put steel wool pads in the holes. They can’t chew through it.  Be sure to clean any areas where you find mouse droppings. If you “catch him” use gloves. Those guys carry some bad diseases.

Good Luck!

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