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Mild Winter Predicted – CFL Bulbs

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We have discussed the use of CFL bulbs recently. There is energy savings vs. mercury generated from the bulbs that has people talking. I thought this was an interesting take on the CFL bulb and it’s impact on the environment:

Transitioning from incandescent to CFLs will reduce the net amount of mercury released into the environment because it reduces the amount of electricity used. Coal-fired plants supply more than half of the nation’s electricity and are the largest source of mercury emissions into the air, accounting for approximately 50 tons annually. By requiring more energy to operate, using incandescent bulbs are actually responsible for releasing more mercury into the environment than using CFL bulbs.

Do you agree or disagree.

As you know we are calling for cold winter. And, I have been sharing many of reports on woollybear caterpillars and persimmon seeds. It is not unseal to get a comment about it being warm in October or November and how it means we will have a mild winter. Here is such a comment:

(Continued Below)

I live in Rhode Island and this has been a very mild Fall so far. The first time I can remember no leaves on the ground for Halloween. They just started dropping last week and the tress are still full. Not the usual mess of leaves in the street we usually have by end of October. I am looking out my window now an an expanse of color with 69 degree temperatures predicted for today and low 60’s the rest of the week. We have had 1 mild frost so far, nothing substantial. If that is any predictor for winter, I’ll place MY money on a mild winter here at last.

It will be either a mild or a cold winter. We’ll soon find out. While R.I. may have been spared so far, Montana has seen 54 inches of snow over one weekend. N.Y. State got 12 inches, Sandi Duncan reported 4 – 6 inches at her home in N.J. and we’ve had 2 snows in Maine during October.  Last week a resident of Jacksonville, Fla. told me that they had 3 days of record cold temperatures. What does it mean?? All opinions are welcomed. I am not taking bets (money) but sure interested to see how it all turns out.

This is election day. A friend who lives in Benin, Africa  called me at 5am to remind me to get out and vote. He is monitoring the election on MSNBC. So, I got up and hit the polls early. Glad I did. By the time I voted (12th in line), there were over 200 people waiting to get in. Thanks to all who make the effort to vote. Our political process, while long, is built around everyone voting and the will of the people being done.

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