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Best Weather State for Gardening

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This week we have an article on our home page asking the question about which state in the US has the best weather for gardening.  We list a few that come to mind. We then ask folks to vote for their favorite.  If your state is not one to check off, you can submit it online. Here are a few  comments received:
I live in Port Barre, Louisiana (about 45 minutes west of Baton Rouge), and it is perfect gardening weather!  We had a lot of rain last week, but all for the better!

All of my plants in my flower beds seemed to have awakened from the winter and are now in beautiful bloom!  I have Oleander, Lantana, Ruella, and many, many more!  My purple and gold Louisiana Irises and white Irises are absolutely gorgeous…

Thank you so much for the opportunity to let you know about our beautiful State!! Debbie

I voted for Florida. The weather is ideal, most of the time. I am currently developing a gardening medium, taking several mediums and implementing them together. I plan this to be portable,so during hurricane and inclement weather, we can roll the garden under cover.

So far my plants have all sprouted and grown. They are growing very fast, are beautifully green, look robust and healthy. Since I have only been working this out since the 10th of April, I can’t say without a shadow of doubt that this is going to be the end result, however, I will say, IF it continues status quo, I have a very marketable product on my hands.  Anyway, Florida is my state of choice because the weather is quite nice. We live in Pensacola. I am keeping a complete diary of my project, so I can go back and compare, years later and see just exactly what went on in what month etc.


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Georgia is the best state for gardening. (Period)

So, which state do you think has the best gardening weather? If you haven’t voted, I’d love to hear from you. Go to our Home Page

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1 comment

1 Dale { 05.08.09 at 11:35 pm }

Tennessee seems to be a good state to do gardening.I lived in Georgia and the Tennessee valley has got the blackest soil that I have ever seen anywhere.I am not exactly what cant grow here! Tomatoes are the best here bar none! I vote for Tennessee.

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