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Farmers’ Almanac Readers Share Their “Friends for Life” Stories

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Farmers’ Almanac Readers Share Their “Friends for Life” Stories

Submitted by: Linda Corson

Names of Friends (as shown in picture): Front Left:  Linda Corson, Sandi Christinsen, and Juanita Chapman.  Across table:  Susan Sorenson and Cheryl Holt
Years you’ve been friends: 36+ years

High School Friends … Forever

My Story begins in Skowhegan Area High School. Just like any typical high school, it had many cliques. As a teen my Dad told me as I was starting high school to remember that if you make one true friend in a lifetime, you are blessed.” I had no idea I would find four.

(Continued Below)

We hung around together and spent the night at each other’s houses. These friends were all in my first wedding back in 1976. They were with me when my children were born, and watched them grow. They also have seen and shared in my joy as I became a grandmother 12 times over!

My husband passed away at age 47. During these very sad and hard times, my friends for life were there for me. They lent me their time and support and I’ll never forget it.

Of course as life goes on, there are times when we need to depend on each other more than others. Our foursome has seen the death of a mom, both parents, and a dad. Through the happy and sad times, we are there for each other, lending each other a helping hand or an ear to listen.

When I got remarried, they were all so happy for me, and you guessed it, they were there. They have been my best friends (forever) for 36 years. We get together once a year for a friendship day. Susan is only able to join us every other as she lives in Utah.

We get together on friendship days we go out to eat, pass out our trinkets and gifts that we purchase for each other.  Sometimes we make gifts and other times we give something from our heart or something that has meaning or personal connection.  We take turns being the hostess of the year.  This year coming we have no idea what Sandi will do. We have a theme and we find a restaurant or we make food accordingly.  Cheryl had a circus theme we had a cookout with all the goodies.  We decorated with clowns balloons and animals.  This past year Juanita did the Chinese food and we had parasols and took our pictures with them.  2012 is my year.  We are going to North Conway, NH, and spend a night out.  We plan to ride the train, and the gondolas in the White Mountains

We write each other often and stay in contact by e-mail as well as by phone. None of us have any sisters, but we have each other. We are truly blessed friends as well as best friends. Our next gathering is in 2011 and Sandi is the hostess. We have no idea what she has planned   . . .

Do you have a lifelong friend? Share you Friends for Life story with us! If we use your story, you’ll get a free FFL bracelet for you and each of your friends.

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