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Live in the Now

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I took my 15 year-old son to a concert the other day at a restaurant/bar type of venue that was open to all-ages. Fortunately the bands we saw were not rap or screamers, they were in fact alternative/folksy I guess they call it, with some positive lyrics and words of wisdom for their young fans.

What astonished me was the number of fans who were constantly texting, updating their Facebok pages, and calling people all the while the concert was going on. Their world is literally at their fingertips. They were sharing their experiences of being at the concert, checking to see what other friends were up to, oh yeah and clapping and cheering when their favorite song was played. One young lady next to me actually called her friend and held her phone up so the person on phone could hear the band playing.

What I wonder is how many of these kids really know what’s going on in the “now.” When you’re texting and paying attention to your Facebook, do you really live in the here and now? Are you really experiencing the concert to its fullest when you constantly have to update what’s going on, how close your are to the band, etc.??

This is the generation that’s also grown up with hand-held games and video players in automobiles. Long-gone are the drives when you stared out the window bored but checking out the scenery. Instead, many of our kids know that the drive to grandma’s house is two movies away, not two states. Many of these same kids get their driving licenses at 16 and 17 and have no sense of direction. After all the times they were driven to their friend’s house they were plugged into a game, Ipod, or texting, and never really paid attention to the road.

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Good or bad? I like Facebook and do partake in texting, but feel there’s a time and place for everything. I wonder if too many teenagers and adults for that matter really live in the now or if they are too plugged in to their phones. How do you balance technology with living in the now? Do you set limits for yourself and/or children?

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1 Sandi Duncan { 11.30.10 at 4:46 pm }

@Frutero wow. So eloquently stated. Thanks for commenting.

2 Frutero { 11.30.10 at 4:43 pm }

I know I said it before in another context, but: You are only there once. Even the the seemingly changeless changes. In years to come, the fragrance of a tuberose in an abandoned garden, the way streetlight or moonlight brought out the drama in an old building, the face of a performer stepping with secretly frightened haughtiness into the spotlight or the comforting, healthless vapors of a greasy spoon visited with friends whose roads will diverge from yours- you’ll have them in years to come only if you grapple them to you now. Live not so recklessly you don’t have a future nor so prudently you don’t have a past, but live now, so it can season your future nows.

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