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Cooking: Not a Lost Art

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A few weeks ago, we surveyed several of you on the subject of cooking. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that cooking healthy meals from scratch is not a lost art, at least among our readers. Here’s a quick look at what we found out:

– 78% of you enjoy cooking, and 89% of you tend to cook from scratch.

– 42% of you cook for someone with special dietary needs. Among your households are vegetarians, people with diabetes, people who are lactose intolerant, people with gluten sensitivities, and those who are watching their calories, sodium, cholesterol, fat, etc.

– 74% of you prefer to cook with natural and/or organic ingredients whenever possible, though several of you noted that the cost of organic produce can be an obstacle. Others noted that you grow some of your own food in backyard gardens, which can help to keep the cost down.

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– 98% of you cook from scratch at least once a week. More than a third of you cook from scratch four to six times per week, and just under a third of you cook from scratch more than six times per week.

– 79% of you said dinner is your favorite meal to make from scratch.

– 61% of you said the obstacle that most often keeps you from cooking is work/busy schedules. 6% said children, 4% said “no skill,” and 8% said “no interest.” Other popular responses included no one to cook for, too tired (probably because of work/busy schedules), or difficulty finding recipes the kids won’t complain about.

– The following categories ranked highest on the list of types of recipes you would like to see on the Farmers’ Almanac website: slow cooker recipes, recipes from scratch, healthy fast dinners, and fresh from the garden recipes.

It’s always exciting to learning more about our readers and we’ll do our best to use this information to better serve you. In the meantime, be sure to check out our online recipe finder. We add at least three new recipes every week, and you can find countless more in our food and recipes article archives.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these survey results. Or, if you didn’t get to participate the first time around, share your answers below!

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1 comment

1 Terry Parrish { 04.11.11 at 6:15 pm }

That truly was an interesting survey. Just shows what people are doing in the kitchen these days. I can certainly understand the need for more slow-cooker recipes what with a lot of moms working full time. Besides it’s amazing what you can cook with a crockpot. And I have read where more people than ever before will be raising a garden this year. Gotta love those fresh veggies! We certainly couldn’t live without them.

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