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Rushing to Be Fit

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Rushing to Be Fit

In January there is a rush to get in shape and to be healthier — a New Year Resolution. As that fades, we rethink this when the summer season approaches. There is a need to look especially fit for outdoor activities. But how do you live healthier even when you are going in so many directions. Here are some suggestions:

1. Nothing is better than drinking water — today’s wonder drug.  Hydration is not only good for your skin but your head, digestive system and so much more. Plenty of water also keeps you from getting hungry (junk snacks) in between meals. Best part, tap water is as good as the expensive stuff and it is as close as your faucet.

2. Walk — the wonder exercise. Many businesses have a track, trail or are located near a park so you can walk during breaks, at lunch or evenings. Bring a friend and you can talk as you walk.  Going shopping – park away form the stores and walk a little further. Need a coffee, park and walk inside. Pick up the pace and be sure your heart  is being pushed.

3. Speaking of walking — how about doing stairs? If you are in a multi story office building, use the stairs. Staying at a hotel? Use the stairwell — and take stairs 2 at a time or go up sideways, backwards — add variety to the “climb”.  My rule of thumb is that I will  do stairs when I am in a hotel and I am staying 10 floors or less.

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4. Juice — if it is 100%, it is healthy, so get your shot of it every day. Be aware of the juices that are filled with sugars. Go 100%. Having the right nutrient in your diet gives you the stamina to be more physically active.

5. Plan ahead — plan your meals, so you can identify variety and shop at one time. The night before, pack your lunch and toss in a few healthy snack items to avoid the vending machines.

6. Get enough sleep – I have always been a 4 hour a night sleeper. Right from birth, that is all I have required.  No matter how hard I try I am built for four. Get as much sleep as your body craves. By getting enough sleep you become more efficient during the hours you are awake.

7. Little things — there are all kinds of little things you can do to as you work or play. Stretch during the day, wear ankle weights or bring a small dumbbell to work. A little muscle strengthening goes a long way.

I am not a fitness guru but I do recognize the need to eat right, drink plenty of water and make sure the fuel that goes into your body is the kind that burns well and offers you the energy to do all the things you enjoy most.  I’d love to build on this list. How do you stay fit even when you are rushing around??  Let me know.

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1 comment

1 Stephanie slone { 03.22.12 at 4:55 pm }

I have started a new diet,no salt no sugar no sodium,pretty much salads,grillechicken, white meat and a lot of water have lost 17,lbs in 3 1\2 weeks oh and fruits Getting a little old and kinda stuck at this weight any suggestions?

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