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Friday Fun

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Sometimes it’s fun to look back at the older editions of the Farmers’ Almanac to see what type of stories and information was published. Here is some humor from an edition published in the late 1970s. Happy Friday.


Parrot – A mocking bird
Trespassing – Breach of premise
Horse sense – Stable thinking
Fight arena – Punch bowl
Procrastinator – One with wait problems
Sleeping bag – A napsack
Sleeping pill – Nod ball
Toupee – Ear to ear carpeting
Water cooler – Thirst aid kit
Wink – A whether signal
Middle age – Slipping beauty
Detective agency – Clue factory
Chief cook – First basteman
House trailer – Roaming home
Dog pound – Barking lot
Panhandler – Nurse’s aid
Kiss – Zeal of approval
Medical bills – Piracy on the high fees
Private tutor – Hire education
Florists – Petal pushers

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1 comment

1 USAclimatereporter { 08.08.12 at 11:22 am }

i like those definitions i wish i had an older version of the farmers almanac i wonder when the farmers almanac came out

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