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Times Have Certainly Changed

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Every once in awhile, I find it fun to go back and read some older editions of the Farmers’ Almanac. Times certainly have changed, and, for the most part, for the better, especially in light of how far women have come. Here are some interesting and definitely entertaining tips from an early 1900 edition of the Almanac. (Heels while doing housework? Don’t read on the streetcar! Oh my!)


Don’t push up your cheeks when you’re deep in thought. This causes wrinkles, crows-feet and fine lines which will come all too soon anyway.

Don’t read in a streetcar. It is tiring to read when your hands shake, and you have to concentrate your attention. Squint lines and forehead wrinkles will be the result of this eye strain and nervous tension.

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Don’t knit your brows instead of wearing glasses because you’ve heard that a shortsighted look can be charming. Eyeglasses today are so well designed that they often add distinction.

Don’t bend over your work – sewing, reading, typing – in such a way that you’ll develop a double chin.

Don’t bite your carefully made-up lips, no matter how pretty your teeth may be. It isn’t good for your lips, nor is it a serene expression.

Don’t wrinkle your nose as though you had detected an unpleasant smell. Besides it’s a mannerism which develops needless wrinkles.

Don’t be pessimistic in your outlook on life. If you do, you’ll look old and discontented, with hard, sulky lines etched around your mouth. The most natural gesture when you are angry or in pain may be to wrinkle your brow but don’t indulge in a martyred expression.


Here is a beauty expert’s advice on how to keep lovely-looking while doing housework.

Wear low heels while at work – heels, but low. High heels throw you off balance and cause strain.

Brush your hair a lot and keep the brush absolutely clean. Then, since dampness takes out curl, pin your wave into place and put a net over it. Protect it from dust.

Put a good cold cream generously on neck and face and get a facial treatment while you toil.

Put a hand lotion on and wear gloves. Take your polish off and give your nails a chance to rest.

For your throat, chew gum while you work.

When it’s all over, use a good cleansing cream on your face and take your bath. Apply a cream mask to your face and lie down for 20 minutes with your hips higher than your shoulders. After this remove cream and you are ready to dress and put on your make up.


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1 comment

1 Brenda McCraw { 08.15.12 at 6:28 pm }

“For your throat, chew gum while you work” I chew alot of gum so this one is the most useful to me. and wear low heels at work, lets hope I dont lose balance and fall at work because thats what I wear alot! I just find them so comfortable. I’ve gotten used to them and I own about a million high heels from when I was young to the age I am now! pretty interesting.. I wonder how much different the farmers almanac was back then. I need to take some time tonight, lay down and go through some old times as well, i got some photo albums that go back about 20-30 years

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