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We won’t lose power, or will we?

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We won’t lose power, or will we?

A year ago, when I moved into this home in Northwest New Jersey, a neighbor told me that she had lived there for 15 years and only lost power for 15 minutes. That was good news since I remember vividly living through 15 days of no power during the ice storm of 1998, in Maine, in January. And so last year’s Halloween snowstorm we only lost power for 10 minutes and didn’t lose it at all during hurricane Irene. Fast forward to this October.

Hurricane Sandy (my namesake) was approaching and things were looking bad for New Jersey. I stocked up on some water and got a new flashlight but in the back of my mind, I thought, “we’re not going to lose power.” Well I was wrong.

Today is day 4 of no power. The winds Monday night did a lot of damage, blowing over huge evergreen trees from their roots, knocking over tall trees into important wires, and disrupting life as we know it. Yet, I know we are the lucky and fortunate ones, as many other people lost their homes, businesses, and some their lives due to destructive force of this hurricane that had my name on it.

I had some branches down and a huge evergreen completely tip over revealing its roots. It fell onto our neighbor’s yard but it did not hit their home or garage (or my pool or shed!). When I decided to venture out on Wednesday, I was amazed to see the devastation all around. Uprooted trees, wires laying on the ground, telephone polls split in half, stop lights out, lines at gas stations 50 cars deep, and pockets of areas with power and then those without. I am very grateful that our area did not see the devastation that many others did, and hope and pray that other areas that were hit harder get their power back and other necessities that they need to get back to a safe living condition first.

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1 comment

1 Brenda { 11.02.12 at 3:44 pm }

Ahhh no!! Im sorry. Its devestating living without power! Sandy knocked my power out and we’re just now getting it back but we were very fortunate in central Virginia because we could be the ones in NYC with everything just taken away. Some of my family lives in New Jersey and I got very worried so my anxiety was killing me until they texted back and said “we are fine, got no power though” so that made me feel much better. Im glad to hear you are fine too! We were very blessed and the damages in the mid atlantic & northeast can be fixed (atleast I hope) Lets all pray the east coast makes a full recovery

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