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Back to Normal? Or is it.

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I am happy to report that I got power back on Friday and Internet on Saturday. The schools are open today and life seems almost normal again, yet if you take a ride or watch the news, you know things are anything but normal.

My one sister and parents still don’t have power. Trick or treating is this evening for our kids (in November?). Power lines are down and some roads are closed. Busses and trains into New York City still aren’t completely working, and if you take a ride past a gas station, you will see long lines and many stations without gas. Sandy’s wrath continues.

On a positive note, there’s a spirit of helping in the air. A good friend of mine who unfortunately suffered a loss of a cousin and the cousin’s son from this superstorm, collected coats, shoes, food and water for people on Staten Island, NY, where her cousin was from. She shared with me that she has never seen such devastation as she did when they drove out for the wake near Staten Island. She said she almost felt as though she was invading these people’s privacy since their belongings were strewn all over and their homes, or what was left of their homes, were bulldozed into heaps of garbage. They were able to bring two carloads of donations to this devastated area and she told me other donations were flooding in.

Locally our volunteer fire department and ladies auxiliary started a collection of blankets, shoes, clothes, baby items, pet foods, boxes and other items that are so desperately needed for areas in south Jersey that lost everything. I dropped some items off yesterday and was very impressed to see the amount of donations they had already.

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A local church was also offering free meals to people in the area who still don’t have power. A friend of mine who lives in New York City and just got power back this weekend is going to take a week off to volunteer in areas that need it. It’s inspiring and to see and hear about people helping people during these times of great need, and yet unfortunate that it takes something so devastating to sometimes remember that people are good and kind to each other. I hope that even as we continue to rebuild, we remember to lend a helping hand whenever we can.

Here’s to getting back to normal …

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