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The Latest Movement in Health!

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The Latest Movement in Health!

Seed catalogs are showing up in mailboxes, garden sketches are resurfacing, and plowing tools, well, they are anxiously waiting. But the mind of the gardener is racing ahead, excited about plowing, planting and picking.

It’s good to see this mindset returning to our culture, in both city mouse and country mouse. Fresh local food, the garden’s baton, has been missing from many diets for nearly 60 years, when the TV dinner first moved the family out of the dining room and around the TV.

And while the conveniences have been nice, a meal in minutes, the health benefits have been stacking against us for what is approaching three generations. People know this, even the youngest generation, who is learning about gardening from the written word rather than a parent.

Congrats to them, I say, because you are part of a growing trend to take back our health, our food, and our earth. And since trends start with one person, who talks to another, and then another, this health trend is picking up speed and getting real traction, the traction of a movement. Thanks to this “movement to health,” great things are happening.

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This desire for good health has opened doors to world wide heirloom seeds (as only the Internet can offer), new forms of water conservation, such as clay pot irrigation, and the sharing of such a mass of gardening information that the least of us can now grow a complete meal in a container. The urban gardener can have chickens for fresh eggs and a raised bed for anything with roots. Even the task of watering has been simplified with ollas, rain barrels, and drip systems. What a wonderful culture we have that can adapt so adeptly to social changes!

So, whether you’re a city mouse or a country mouse, keep those minds racing, open those seed catalogs and get ready to give your lawn a makeover. Grow lettuce in that shady spot by the house, put sunflowers by the bird feeder, drop an olla in that dry spot, and be the first one in the neighborhood to grow zucchini in the front yard. You’ll be glad you did, and your fresh local food will be the baton for the next generation.

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1 Barbara Hepburn { 08.31.16 at 3:20 pm }

Add a couple of chickens to your yard- fresh local free-range eggs are eggs-pensive!
Chickens are easy to raise, they LOVE your garden and kitchen veggie scraps and you can’t do better than your own fresh eggs.
PLUS after you clear out your crops and want to mulch your garden, just toss the mulch on top of the raised beds or regular beds and let your ‘chicken tractors’ go to work. You won’t believe how quickly and well a small flock of birds will condition your soil!

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5 Marsha Woods { 04.22.15 at 11:14 am }

yes,your correct. Greed is a huge factor for everything!! These chicken/turkey farmers have insurance but yet the cost of their losses will be passed on to the consumer!!

6 Elizabeth King { 12.20.14 at 8:47 am }

This sounds great! I am tired of big business, including the monstrous health care industries (E.G. According to the American Heart Association, my blood pressure of 127/81 is “elevated” and needs to be monitored like high blood pressure!) big government; and of course the very massive and monstrous food industry trying to control me and my health! My problems are I live in an apartment; have a cat who nibbles on everything food, and I kind of kill plants. I don’t mean to do it. I am just more gifted with God’s creatures than with God’s flora. If you have some ideas, please let me know. I think we have always had these problems, at least in my lifetime. But, it seems to me that the massive health care industries(that includes associations, magazines, websites, doctors, hospitals, clinics, ETC. have gotten more intrusive and greedy! The massive food industry is just plain greedy! Thanks for reading this blog and listening.

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