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Worst Weather Month

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Worst Weather Month

It’s officially spring (on the calendar anyway) yet the cold conditions and possible snow this week keep reminding me that March isn’t one of my favorite months. Yes, it’s the end of winter, the beginning of spring, yet sometimes March’s weather likes to change so much you feel as though it’s a tease — spring like one day, cold wintry the next.

So I started wondering — which is the worst month of the year weather-wise? November is a top choice. If you live in northern areas, you know that the leaves are all off the trees, the grass is brown, and the temperature continues to get colder and colder. It’s not a real picturesque month, but sometimes there’s an anticipation of that first snowfall to cover the ugliness with pretty white flakes, and there is Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season (which for some starts as early as mid-November). And for many it’s the first full month you don’t have to mow the grass.

February is another tough month, especially this year, but it’s also a short one. 28 days, to put up with cold snowy conditions, or perhaps it’s a time of year you escape your dreary grey backyard and head south.

And then there’s March. It usually comes in like a lion and many times goes out that way too. There are a few days of promise — warm temperatures, sunny days — but it often gets cold again, sometimes really cold and maybe even snows. Some of the hardy flowers start growing and peaking out from the cold earth, but the, there’s the mud that comes with the warm up.

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Personally I think March is the worst weather month. What month would you vote for worse weather month? August? That’s a hot one especially for people living in the south, or do you agree that March is top of the list?

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1 Jonathan { 03.26.14 at 2:16 pm }

I would have to say that April is a big one because of the storms, but here in West Tennessee July is like being in a oven. So I pick July.

2 Brandon Clowers { 03.25.14 at 8:02 am }

Worst weather to me, in Tennessee, is April because that is when we get our worst storm’s. 2011 was a great example of that

3 Jennifer { 03.24.14 at 11:31 pm }

For me it is April weather wise. I dont like severe weather. April showers brings May flowers i understand that but, i live in southeast missouri and we have alot of tornado weather here so i say April

4 Gary { 03.24.14 at 10:22 pm }

For me, the worst month is February. Nov, Dec, and Jan, you have the holidays and football but February there is nothing other then my birthday. March you have melting in 20 degree weather if the sun is out. The summer months are full of yard work and since I grow fruit trees, the anticipation of a nice crop. So February is my bad month.

5 Sandy { 03.24.14 at 9:11 pm }

Its all about location to us we lived in WIS. Colo. and KS. And in each state we had different Months that we didn’t enjoy as much as others WIS. was Jan feb. Colo was March April and KS. Is July August. I enjoyed reading this with my Family Thanks Sandy

6 Phyllis { 03.24.14 at 8:10 pm }

I’m a cold weather fan so March doesn’t bother me. Do not care for summer months especially July & August. I love Fall. Can’t wait for the first cool day when I can pull on a sweater or sweatshirt. Love the fall colors and the anticipation of the holidays that follow. Guess that is the reason God gave us the 4 seasons….can’t suit everybody…:)

7 Barbara Anne { 03.24.14 at 5:02 pm }

I live in central Virginia and I can agree that March is a very wild month (especially this year as we’ve had 3 snowstorms just in this month alone) but I feel that March gives hope that January and February do not give. The sun warms, days are much longer and those brave little wildflowers peaking from the ground. Nature reminds us that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

But I’d have to say the worst weather month is July! I just don’t like the sweltering heat and the suffocating humidity with heat indexes over 100 degrees and with that combo comes the severe thunderstorms. But I must admit, after this bitter cold winter I do miss the summer heat waves.

But May would have to be the best weather month. Think of a picture perfect day with no cloud in the sky and temperatures hitting the 70s and 80s. The thing I love the most about May is that as the weather warms, I bring my kids to the strawberry patch every year and we’ll pick strawberries. Strawberries ripen and are ready to pick!

Thanks for your blog 🙂

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