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Almanac Throwback – 15 Hints To Housekeepers, Advice From 1889

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Almanac Throwback – 15 Hints To Housekeepers, Advice From 1889

The more things change, the more they stay the same! Check out this advice to housekeepers from the 1889 Farmers’ Almanac:

Hints To Housekeepers (1889)

  1. Never serve cold sliced meat for breakfast.
  2. Use lemon juice and salt to remove iron rust.
  3. Do not cut more bread than you need for a meal.
  4. Wear a big white apron when at your baking-table.
  5. Let your common sense interpret your cookery-book.
  6. Remember that variety is the best sauce for appetite.
  7. Don’t forget to salt the water in which potatoes are put to boil.
  8. Remember that punctuality is as necessary for the housekeeper as for the business man.
  9. Always have your warm-over dishes served as nicely as if they were original at the time.
  10. When broiling steak, throw a little salt on the coals and the blaze from dripping fat will not annoy.
  11. Always have a clean cloth on your table, even if you have burned your bread or boiled your coffee.
  12. Damp salt will remove the discoloration of cups and saucers caused by tea and careless washing.
  13. Cold, sliced potatoes fry and taste better by sprinkling a teaspoonful of flour over them while frying.
  14. Always have everything on the table or on a small table close at your hand when you sit down to a meal.
  15. Never, under any circumstances, try to imitate your husband’s mother. Love her, if possible, but don’t try to cook like her. Depend on yourself, and presently your husband will be found quoting your cookery.

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1 comment

1 Mary { 11.16.16 at 1:27 pm }

Love reading old sayings, but # 10 and # 11 were new to me . But I look at them as so cute an just as good today too!

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