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Almanac Throwback Crafts: How To Make A Terrific Tacky Tote and Candle Holder

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Almanac Throwback Crafts: How To Make A Terrific Tacky Tote and Candle Holder

In this vintage craft tutorial, learn how to make a “tacky tote” out of plastic 6-pack rings and yarn, and a candle holder using lids and jars from around the kitchen.

A Terrific Tacky Tote


This has got to be the all-time winner in the “I don’t believe it” category. It’s a really dumb-looking thing that sits there looking like nothing more than a jumbled mess. But fill it up with stuff and you’ll discover that it will hold all of your household belongings plus a few of the neighbor’s kids. It’s almost indestructible and, when empty, can be folded up into practically nothing. It would also make a great beach carry-all for towels, swim suits, kids toys, etc. You can see everything you’ve packed inside. Give it a shake and the sand will go out the bottom. But don’t use it for storing any loose change or hundred dollar bills.

(Continued Below)


You Will Need:

  • 21 sets of six pack plastic ring tops
  • 2 or 3 yards of rug yarn

1. Line up the 21 ring sets as pictured in Fix. 1. There should be nine in the middle (these form the bottom and two end sides of the bag) and six sets on each side.

2. Tie all joining rings together with a small length of rug yarn. The x’s in the drawing denote the ties. Overlap the rings when you tie them (Fig. 2). They won’t stay that way, but it helps in getting everything together with some semblance of uniformity.
3. Tie the side rings together on each side as indicated by the arrows in Fig. 1. Repeat with the rings on the other side. Your tote is ready for toting!
P.S. Put your fingers thru two matching sets of rings in the top row. There’s your handle!

A New Fashioned Old Fashioned Lamp

Stack ‘em up, glue ‘em together, add some spray paint and you have a dramatic looking candle holder. Place a ring of artificial flowers around the base for an attractive added touch.

You Will Need:

  • Glass Chimney Globe
  • Right Guard Cap (right side up)
  • Kerr lid (upside down)
  • Cool Whip Container w/lid (right side up)
  • Peanut Butter jar w/lid (upside down)
  • Dinner plate (upside down)
  • White glue (Quick or Sobo) holds everything in place.


Paint with black barbecue grill paint. The little knob on the side is a cap from a tube of toothpaste. Place it open end up to serve as the make believe spigot for the make believe kerosene.

When paint is dry add a candle and a glass chimney globe from the hardware store.

These clever how-tos appeared in the 1978 edition of the Farmers’ Almanac Craft Book, a promotional edition dedicated to home crafters. Each of the craft projects were created by Carol Duvall and illustrated by Joyce Martin.

If you decide to make one of these crafts, share the image of it with us on our Facebook page!



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