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Third Quarter Moon

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Spiders and Winter Weather

Spiders and Winter Weather featured image

With our new interactive site up and running, I asked for questions. Here are a couple that may be of interest: We have been working on an historical weather feature. Q. Maybe I didn’t see it on the web page, but why are your weather reports limited to the past no further than 1945? A.

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Use the Signs for Best Days

Use the Signs for Best Days featured image

In a recent blog I mentioned a Best Day for Fishing and other activities. A couple questions were posed about what this is all about. Many years ago before any form of communication helped people, activities were timed according to observations. These activities became connected with the position of Moon and the Sun. It is

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What’s a Hallock?

What’s a Hallock? featured image

As an almanac editor and Philom., from time to time I get asked a question that I can’t answer. Here is one from B.D. located in Oregon. Apparently, several people, in her office were looking for the meaning of a word. Read below. Back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s we pick strawberries and put

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Plant for Taste: Grow These Edible Flowers

Plant for Taste: Grow These Edible Flowers featured image

Looking for something else to grow and eat besides vegetables? Consider adding flowers to your list of potential snacks, or as additions to your salad bowl. Here are a few tips and rules for your health, when it comes to munching on flower blossoms.

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A Long, Hard Winter

A Long, Hard Winter featured image

I have a love/hate relationship with the Month of April. Most years, the snow has melted and there is a wonderful smell in the air. You wake to robins chirping, the sun is higher in the sky, and the days warmer. Then, there are years when winter won’t end. For those in the East, there

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