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Canadian Farmers’ Almanac’s Predicts Teeth-Chattering Winter Ahead (2018)

Lewiston, ME: If cold temperatures, above-normal snowfall, and biting winds aren’t your favorite, you’re not going to like the forecast from the 2019 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac. “Teeth-chattering” “biting,” and “cold” are a few of the adjectives the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is using to describe the upcoming winter.

“Our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing towards a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter,” reports Editor and Philom., Peter Geiger, adding “we stand by our forecast and formula, which accurately predicted most of the winter storms last.”

How Cold?
For most of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and westernmost Ontario, temperatures will average much below seasonal norms. The coldest temperatures are expected during February, when -40°C, or even -45°C, may be possible.

An unusually cold February is also predicted in eastern Ontario and Quebec, with the coldest temperatures running south and east across the Great Lakes to the Laurentian Plateau. Only British Columbia will see near-normal temperatures through the winter.

Snow holds barred
The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, which bases its long-range forecast on a mathematical and astronomical formula developed in 1818, forewarns of above-normal snow for areas around the Great Lakes, and close to normal snowfall for the rest of the country. Wet and/or snowy conditions are also forecast for British Columbia, where the thermometer will be hovering just above or just below the freezing mark.

Late Start to Spring?
According to the calendar spring 2019 starts on March 20th, however, according to our outlook, winter conditions may delay spring for several weeks,” states Managing Editor and Philom., Sandi Duncan, adding “winter will hang on in many locations through April, especially true for Quebec and the Maritimes, where a potent storm in mid-April could lead to wet snow, especially over higher elevations.”

Spring, Summer, Fall Predictions
The 2019 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, which features an orange and green cover, breaks the country into 5 zones and provides weather forecasts in 3-day intervals. Each edition includes weather summaries for all four seasons. The summer forecast calls for humid and wet conditions for much of the East, dry condition for British Columbia and warm-to-hot conditions for the middle of the country.

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