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Are Cats Reliable Weather Forecasters?

We know cats are a lot of things, but weather predictors? See what folklore says about these furry felines' forecasting abilities.

Animals and weather folklore go hand in hand. Before Doppler radar and smartphone apps, our ancestors watched animal behavior—groundhogs, birds, fish, cows, even donkeys—to determine what type of weather could be expected. And cats are no exception. We know cats are a lot of things: clean, independent, and highly intelligent—should we add “meteorologists” to the list? Here’s a look at how furry felines can be fantastic forecasters!

Cat Weather Folklore

When a cat washes behind her ears, expect rain.

When cats lie on their head with mouth turned up expect a storm.

cat lying in the sun

When the cat lies in the sun in February, she will creep behind the stove in March.

If a cat sits with its back to the fire, frost and hard weather can be expected.

tabby cat about to sneeze

When cats sneeze, it’s a sign of rain.

When cats are snoring, foul weather follows.

Can Cats Predict Earthquakes?

We also know that cats and other animals can predict earthquakes before they happen. Take a look!

So cats are once again giving us another reason to pay attention to them! Does your cat display any interesting behavior? Share with us in the comments below!

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My daughters cat loves canned green peas but no other veggies.


Greta my black cat chews my cut flowers! She loves pineapple leaves and pork!


My kitty kitty can find strawberries in grocery bag after shopping no matter where u put the bag she will find it then she likes 2 rub against the plastic till she gets it open 2 steal her couple strawberries & yes she eats them her other favorite food is shredded cheese

Carl Long

My Goldie, a yellow Tabby & Muffy our Basset Hound would huddle together under our bed a half hour before a thunder storm.


Our cat Sophie warns us about 2 days ahead of thunderstorms. Many times, the meteorologists are not predicting it yet, and Sophie is more accurate! She gets wild and hyper, running around and causing trouble.


Ooops…..sorry! That comment about the olives was supposed to go with the article about cats liking cantaloupe!


My cat likes olives! Both the green ones and the black ones, and especially if they have been on pizza. I think it’s the fat and the salt he’s attracted to, but not sure. Normally he’s quite picky, so I was shocked when he ate olives!


Predicting earthquakes before we know one is coming is absolutely true! Years ago my cat and I were in my room…I was at my desk and suddenly my cat took off at 90 mph! Then a bottle opener fell off the top shelf and slammed onto my desk…then the earthquake hit. The birds outside were silent…eerie time.


When a nasty storm is coming, Tabby will crouch down as low as she can get and stay as close to me as possible.


my kitties just go to the door when my dogs go out but kitties wont go out. So my dogs wont go past the patio. With in an hour it will storm or heavy rain

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