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Waning Gibbous

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Learn fun facts about constellations and the best view times to see them!

Hydra: The Great Serpent

Hydra: The Great Serpent featured image

Though not the most well known constellation in the night sky, Hydra, the sea serpent, is the longest of the 88 officially recognized modern constellations.

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Learn All About the Big Dipper

Learn All About the Big Dipper featured image

In Canada and Northern portions of the United States, the Big Dipper is visible year round and is one of the most prominent groups of stars in the night sky. Learn more!

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Now Showing: The Summer Triangle

Now Showing: The Summer Triangle featured image

No, it's not a summer romance at the Box Office, but a celestial event you don't want to miss. Learn more about this shining asterism now showing during August evenings at a sky above you!

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