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Daylight Saving Time (and other debates throughout the years)

Daylight Saving Time (and other debates throughout the years) featured image

Over the years the Farmers’ Almanac has championed a number of “Campaigns.” It started in 1995 when my dad realized the US Post Office eliminated the city and state on a letter being canceled and replaced it with part of the zip code. Apparently, people collected postmarks much as they do stamps. Two years later

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Freezing the Harvest without Blanching

Freezing the Harvest without Blanching featured image

Garden fresh vegetables that will be added to casseroles or made into sauces later can be frozen for future convenience. Blanching is a necessary step for most produce and is also thought to preserve the taste and quality of vegetables during freezing. Although most fresh produce requires blanching before freezing there are several vegetables that

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Summer Mulching Time

Summer Mulching Time featured image

Mulching holds a close second place next to compost as being the organic gardener’s closest companion. Mulching around vegetables, trees, shrubs, and flowers is beneficial in a variety of ways. Besides enriching the soil with organic matter, mulch also aides in keeping the soil temperature even, prohibiting extremes of too hot or too cold year

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