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First Celebrity Crush? Our Staff Reveals Theirs!

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First Celebrity Crush? Our Staff Reveals Theirs!

This week, we asked our Freebie Friday participants to name their first celebrity crush. Some of us here at Farmers’ Almanac were giddy as we fondly remembered each of ours. So we had to share!

Farmers’ Almanac Staff First Celebrity Crushes Revealed!

Managing Editor Sandi Duncan:
Davy Jones! I had to watch The Monkees on TV whenever I could. I remember watching it on a small black and white TV (when our TV wasn’t working) with a lot of snowy fuzz in the picture, but as long as I could see Davy, I was OK. 

Web Content Editor Susan Higgins: 
This one’s easy. Bobby Sherman. I was so in love when I first laid eyes on him on the Partridge Family, (he played a songwriter named Bobby Conway) and I was smitten for a solid 2 years. I remember asking Santa for the Bobby Sherman Christmas Album, which I got, and I played it nearly every single day for a full year, much to my family’s chagrin. I hear he’s an EMT now.

Digital Marketing Manager Peggy Leonard:
For me it was Michael Jackson when he was part of the Jackson 5. His angelic voice moved me—and I mean literally made me move! We would dance all around the house when the Jackson 5 was on TV. This crush was soon followed by one on David Cassidy of the Partridge Family. 

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National Sales Manager Kathy Ullmann:
I had a crush on U.S. Olympic speed skater, Eric Heiden. His photo was on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine and I kept a copy of it next to my bed!

Editor Peter Geiger:
For me it was Marilyn Monroe. There was something about how she moved that caught every young man’s fancy. I remember we were having a cookout at my parents’ house in August 1962 when we heard she died. I must have cried for a week.

Art Director Corinne Mockler:
I fell in love with Leo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet. I still love him, even when he appeared frostbitten and gnawed on by bears and cuddling inside the belly of a dead horse (The Revenant). 

FA Intern Kelsey Hutchins:
My first real crush was on John Travolta because Grease was my favorite movie when I was in elementary school. I was the only girl on my farm league baseball team, so at team sleepovers, the coach’s daughter and I would just watch that movie over and over again. The scene when he first sees Sandy at the pep rally then worries what his friends will think, saying, “That’s cool baby, I mean you know how it is. Rockin’ and rollin’ and whatnot,” makes me laugh to this day!

What about you? Who was your first celebrity crush?

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1 comment

1 Mikki { 07.20.18 at 5:36 pm }

Sam Elliott – in The Sackett movies! Hubba! Hubba! Hubba! Those eyes! That voice, and that mustache ! Makes my heart twitterpate!

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