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Combating a Cold During the Hectic Holidays

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Combating a Cold During the Hectic Holidays

Living a healthy lifestyle is the first step toward fighting off the common cold. Exercising and a healthy diet helps your immune system function at its peak. Feeling hurried? Stressed? Beware. Stress can put a strain on your physical health. When stressful situations arise and or when loss of sleep occurs, your body’s defenses are lowered and you become vulnerable to cold and virus attacks.

Taking natural supplements when symptoms of a cold or flu first surface, may prevent it from taking a stronghold. Important. Take defensive action the first day you feel like you’re catching a cold.

Personally, I’ve combated cold-like symptoms three different times this year, without getting sick. There’re no guarantees for avoiding a cold, yet taking the right supplements could reduce the duration and severity. Want to know what worked for me? Here’s a healthy arsenal of natural, cold combatants to try.

4 Natural Supplements to Combat a Cold

Eating foods rich in zinc: oysters, crab, seafood and lean red meat, and taking zinc supplements or lozenges at the first sign of a cold may reduce its duration and lessen the symptoms by 42%. While there’s no sure way to prevent the common cold, zinc has been reported in various studies to reduce its discomfort. A deficiency of zinc can cause recurring colds and flu. (However, don’t take zinc supplements daily, unless you’ve been advised to by your health professional.)

Echinacea and/or Goldenseal
Both herbs strengthen the immune system and fight inflammation and infection. Echinacea has antiviral and antibacterial properties and is helpful in combating colds and flu. Goldenseal contains antibacterial properties. If taken when symptoms first arise, goldenseal may stop a cold, flu or sore throat from developing. (Do not take as a daily supplement for prevention.)

Garlic is an antioxidant, and an immune enhancer that detoxifies and protects the body against infection. It works as a natural antibiotic in the treatment of most diseases. Consume garlic daily for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral effects.

Olive Leaf Extract
Good to take for any virus or bacterial infection. It helps fight off colds, viruses and flu and enhances the immune system.
(Note: As with all medications, seek the advice of your naturopath professional before taking supplements, especially if you have allergies.)


1 USAclimatereporter { 08.10.12 at 10:20 am }

i have had a cold on holidays i hate having colds on holidays

2 Kathy OConnor { 12.19.10 at 5:33 am }

At first sign of tickle or scratchy throat gargle warm water & salt if your really brave I use comb. of warm water & peroxide three times a day the snifles may hang around but the sore throat will go away…

3 Kathie Pomichter { 12.15.10 at 11:53 am }

I’ve use the Vicks method to prevent coughing, and it does work.

4 James Davis - Victorville, California { 12.15.10 at 10:15 am }

To stop a cold put Vicks vaporrub on your feet then put on socks and within 5 minutes the coughing and sneezing stops and you can sleep comfortably!

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