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Our Commitment to Being Earth Friendly

Throughout the year, we provide tips and hints to help you live more sustainably and earth friendly, and help reduce your impact on the environment. This Earth Day we’d like to highlight our own commitment to these values by sharing what we do at our headquarters based in Lewiston, Maine.

Our parent company, Geiger, a leader in the promotional products industry, remodeled our office building and we’re proud that the following environmentally-friendly initiatives are now in place here at our “roost”:

  • Our new super-green building has LEED Gold and Maine Advanced Building certifications.
  • There are 696 solar panels on our property that will eliminate 8 million pounds of carbon pollution and provide 100% of our electricity.
  • We are a UPS Carbon Neutral Company, which means for every product we ship via UPS, we buy offsets that go toward reforestation, renewable energy, methane and landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and destruction of industrial pollutants.
  • We work with a paper company who contracts with a company that helps offset our paper usage by planting trees in an Amazon rainforest.
  • To reduce the amount of garbage we produce, we recycle all beverage containers, paper, cardboard, aluminum, and plastics and use only reusable cups for our coffee and tea areas.
  • Indoor energy usage is reduced with 12 huge skylights allowing for natural light, and LED lighting controlled by motion sensors. Exterior lighting is also LED-efficient.
  • And in an effort to support local farmers, we participate in a local Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program and allow these local farmers to set up a mini farmers market weekly during the summer.

Check out the story in the Lewiston Sun Journal!

We’re very proud that our company has put into place these changes so important to the health of our planet. We have also been heartened by what you, our readers, share about what you are doing to conserve, reduce, and recycle. Together we can make a difference.

Happy Earth Day.

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2 years ago

Your company only planted 52 trees in the rain forest , not very many .

Susan Higgins
2 years ago
Reply to  Sharon

Hi Sharon, that’s good news, right? It means we didn’t use much paper. The program is relatively new as well.