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Costumes for a Chilling Halloween

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Costumes for a Chilling Halloween

A few years ago, we offered some costume ideas for a rainy Halloween, but what if Halloween is cold, or even snowy? Instead of hiding your costume under a heavy winter coat, why not incorporate your jacket, boots, gloves, and other winter weather accessories right into your costume. Here are some costume ideas that will keep you warm on a chilling All Hallows’ Eve:

A Skier — Get out your snow pants, coat, gloves, goggles, and poles and dress up like you’re ready to hit the slopes.

A Mummy —
Want something more traditional? Bundle up in your long johns, ski mask, and gloves, and then top everything off with a layer of roll-out gauze or white crepe paper.

The Michelin Man — Put on a puffy white snowsuit and cap, paint your face white, and tie strings around your arms, legs, and midsection. If you’re afraid people won’t get it, carry around a tire.

A Detective — Whether you’re partial to Sherlock Holmes with his deerstalker cap and tweed coat or Dick Tracy with his fedora and trench coat, you’re sure to stay warm dressed as a super sleuth.

A Bear —
Put on some brown coveralls, a fuzzy brown jacket, a brown knit hat topped with some fake ears, and paint your face to match. Or be any animal of your choosing — a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a lion, an elephant … the sky’s the limit!

A Pumpkin — Dress as warm as you want! Your pumpkin costume is big enough to hide your bulky winter coat. You can buy a ready-made pumpkin costume, sew your own, or use one of those leaf bags decorated to look like jack o’lanterns. Top it off with a green or brown knit cap for a step.

Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman — Dress up as one of these shaggy monsters, and you’re sure to stay snug.

Santa Claus — Sure, we’ve already seen enough Christmas creep, with decorations already in stores by the time Halloween arrives, but desperately cold times call for desperate measures. Who could be more prepared for a wintry blast of air than the man from the North Pole? Plus, the beard will keep your face warm.

Randy from “A Christmas Story” — Just get a red snowsuit with a hood, some mittens, and a blue and gray scarf. Then keep your arms out at your sides all night and tell everyone “I can’t put my arms down!”

Frosty — Put on a white snowsuit and mittens, paint your face white, stick a button over your nose, and get a corncob pipe and a top hat.

Share your favorite cold weather costume ideas below!

See what we’re predicting in our Halloween forecast here.


1 Brenda { 10.30.13 at 6:40 pm }

I once went as a headless man with my Dad’s long black overcoat buttoned up over my head.

2 Susi { 10.30.13 at 10:46 am }

Great idea to have this article and the costume ideas are clever.

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