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Make Your Own Odor-Masking Toilet Spray

Make Your Own Odor-Masking Toilet Spray

Have you noticed? Toilet sprays are suddenly all the rage. Unlike room sprays, these air fresheners prevent odors from escaping at the source—they’re sprayed right on the surface of the toilet water and create a barrier so no odors can escape.

We understand this is a sensitive topic for many but, the truth is, we all have to use the restroom; it’s just that no one wants anyone to know that they were there. It’s a private and delicate function, so we can understand these sprays’ popularity.

There are many odor-masking toilet sprays on the market and while they work, they can be pricey. The most popular ones go for $8 or more for a mere 2 ounces. The good news is that they’re simple to make at home. With our easy DIY Bottom Bouquet recipe and an inexpensive spray bottle, you can make a batch and use it as your discretion for pennies!

“Bottom Bouquet,” Our DIY Odor-Masking Toilet Spray

Keep your bathroom fresh as a daisy with this DIY spray. Named by Farmers’ Almanac reader Anne Moss!


1 – 4-oz. spray bottle (glass is best)
3 oz water
15 drops lemongrass essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin (creates the important “barrier”)

Mix all ingredients well in a small container, then funnel into a spray bottle. Seal tightly and label.

To use:
Shake well before each use.
Spray the surface of the toilet water with 4-5 sprays before doing your business. Gets up to 50 uses!

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May 6 is “Read Your Farmers’ Almanac in the Bathroom” Day – See how to celebrate!

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  • Mikki says:

    where can you buy vegetable glycerin?

    • Susan Higgins says:

      Hi Mikki, you can buy it on Amazon, or it’s available at any health food store, Whole Foods, etc. You could even check with your local pharmacy.

  • Penny says:

    Wow! this is such a neat idea and saves me from buying the deordorizer I buy—-and the oily mess it makes when it sprays down from its high perch!

  • Timothy Bowmar says:

    How about No Stinkum?

  • Nancy Jachcik says:

    Pretty Potty

  • Debbie Johnson says:

    Fresh Minty Pot

  • Debbie Johnson says:


  • Anne Moss says:

    Our Fresh Dairy Aire, or Derriere, Bottom Bouquet, Ye Olde House, Lavender for the Loo.

    How many can I send?

    Anne and Bill

  • joann srebroski says:

    Potty Fresh

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