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Does the Moon Glow?

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Does the Moon Glow?

Ever notice how bright the night sky is when there’s a full moon and clear sky? Ever wonder what why you can’t see the moon even when it’s a clear sky? How does the moon “glow?”

The Moon does not glow, it actually reflects light from the Sun. Out in space, sunlight falls upon the moon at various angles, producing the various phases of the Moon.

Like the Earth, the Moon is a sphere which is always half illuminated by the Sun. As the Moon orbits the Earth, we see more or less of the illuminated side. Throughout a lunar month, the cycle from illuminated, to partially and completely illuminated can be apparent to the viewer. These visual times are what we refer to as phases of the Moon.

However, during a new moon, the moon’s unilluminated side is facing the earth. As such we cannot view the Moon, unless there is a solar eclipse.

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